Gong Cha menu prices

Gong Cha menu prices

Below on this page you’ll find the latest Gong Cha menu, with prices valid typical for all store locations across Australia. Their different flavored teas are sourced from the most eloquent and reputable Taiwan tea estates, which makes them stand out among the others. Their teas are brewed every four hours to make sure that the taste and quality stay optimal. The most popular items on thier menu are their milk tea range, especially for those who love sweet drinks. With different combinations such as the Strawberry Chocolate Milk Tea, and Oats Milk Tea, there are flavours available to suit just about any taste.

The creativity doesn’t just apply to their beverages, but also to the unique and innovative styling that you’ll find in all of their shops throughout Australia. They’ve used the colors white and red very effectively to create a very Asian vibe which gives the customers the feeling of clarity. If you’re looking for a refreshing tea-based drink to quench your thirst, check out the Gong Cha menu below:

Gong Cha menu with prices

Top 10 Best Sellers

1. Milk Foam Green Tea $6.20
2. Royal Pearl Milk Tea $6.20
3. Lychee Oolong with Aloe $6.20
4. Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3Js $6.90
5. Mango Alisan $5.50
6. Grape Green Tea with Basil $6.20
7. QQ Passionfruit Green Tea $6.50
8. Lemon Roasted Melon Tea with Basil Seed $6.20
9. Taro Milk Tea $5.80
10. Matcha Red Bean $6.20