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Cuisine: Chicken , Middle Eastern

This page contains details about the complete El Jannah menu as well as updated price information for 2022. For the uninitiated, El Jannah is  a charcoal chicken shop that sells a wide selection of Lebanese / Middle-East inspired chicken. The El Jannah menu features delicious chicken with mouth-watering toppings including: garlic sauce, EJ chilli sauce, lettuce, pickles, tomato, tahini and falafel.

Updated El Jannah menu

Listed below are the latest El Jannah menu prices, confirmed as being correct via in-store visit as at May 2022:

Roll prices

Chicken Roll:
Chicken, garlic, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles.
Shawarma Roll:
Marinated beef, tahini, parseley, onion, tomato & green pickles.
Falafel Roll (V):
Falafel, tahini, lettuce, persely, onion, tomato & pickles.
Hot Chips Roll:
Chips, garlic, coleslaw, tomato sauce & green pickles.
Tawouk Roll:
Marinated chicken breast, chips, garlic, coleslaw, tomato sauce & green pickles.
Kafta Roll:
Minced lamb, hommous, parseley, onion, tomato & green pickles.
Lahme Roll:
Lamb, hommous, parsley, onion, tomato & green pickles.
Soujouk Roll:
Spicy minced lamb, hommous, lettuce, tomato & green pickles.

El Jannah Chicken

Quarter Chicken $4.50
Half Chicken $7.50
Whole Chicken $13.90

Plate prices

Quarter chicken plate:
Includes: Garlic Sauce, Pickles, and Bread.
Half chicken plate:
Includes: Garlic Sauce, Pickles, and Bread.
Whole chicken plate:
Includes: Garlic Sauce, Pickles, and Bread.
EJ Platter:
3 skewers, chips, hommous or babgahnouj, garlic sauce, chilli bread and bread.
Shawarma Plate:
Marinated beef, parsley & onion, pickles, tomato, tahini & bread.
Shawarma Meal:
Marinated beef, hommous or babaghanouj, pickles, bread & can of drink.

Meal prices

Whole chicken meal:
Whole chicken, large chips, medium garlic sauce, bread, and choice of: pickles / tabouli / colelslaw.
Family meal:
Two chickens, large chips, large garlic sauce, bread, and choice of: pickles / tabouli / colelslaw + 4 cans of drink.

Skewer prices

Marinated diced chicken breast.
Traditional Lebanese minced lamb.
Diced lamb.
Middle Eastern spiced minced lamb.
Note: minimum of 2 skewers per purchase.

Salad prices

Chicken salad $10.90
Fattoush $8.90
Garden Salad $8.90
Mediterranean Salad $8.90

Chip prices

Side chips $3.50
Large chips $5.90
Family chips $16.00

Sauce and Sides prices

Garlic sauce – small $0.50
Garlic sauce – medium $2.90
Garlic Sauce – large $4.90
EJ Chilli sauce – small $0.50
EJ Chilli sauce – medium $2.90
EJ Chilli sauce – large $4.90
Hommous – small $4.00
Hommous – medium $7.50
Hommous – large $9.90
Babaghanouj – small $4.00
Babaghanouj – medium $7.50
Babaghanouj – large $9.90
Tabouli – medium $5.90
Tabouli – large $7.90
Coleslaw – medium $5.90
Coleslaw- large $7.90
Pickles – medium $4.50
Pickles – large $6.90

Chicken Burgers

There are x3 different burger options available on the El Jannah menu. They all feature the same grilled chicken breast that we’ve come to known and love from this retail food outlet chain.

  • EJ Chicken Burger = $7.90
  • EJ Chilli Chicken = $7.90
  • Schnitzel  Burger = $7.90

El Jannah Newtown

The El Jannah store in Newtown is a favourite of the inner-city locals and visitors to the area alike.

It’s located right in the heart of the main street at 156-158 King St, Newtown NSW 2042.

The Newtown store is classed as an “Express” store which in reality just means that it’s smaller than the other typical El Jannah stores that you’ll find out in the suburbs. Having said that, you can still find all your favourite dishes at teh El Jannah Newtown store, so be sure to pop in and grab a bite next time you’re in the area.

El Jannah Campbelltown

If you’re out west in and looking for some delicious Middle Eastern food, be sure to drop in the El Jannah Campbelltown store.

You’ll find it conveniently and centrally located at 321 Queen St, Campbelltown NSW 2560.

The store is large and spacious, so hosting a get together with friends and family is a breeze. This particular outlet is open every day of the week from 11am to 10pm.

El Jannah Granville

This is the store where it all began!

The El Jannah Granville chicken shop is located right next to the railway station at 4/8 South St, Granville NSW 2142.

This store is where lovers of juicy middle-eastern flavoured chicken have been coming for over a decade now to get their fix. From humble beginnings, the original store in Granville has expanded to the retail space next door. This has provided the opportunity to allow more dining space for those that like to eat their meal dining in. Of course, if you prefer you can always ask for your meal to be take-away as well.

El Jannah Blacktown

Blacktown is one of the fastest growing areas of Sydney. The El Jannah team have responded to numerous requests for a chicken store in this area and recently opened a new operation there.

The El Jannah Blacktown store has grown to become one of the most popular stores in the franchise group. It is located at 44-48 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148.

This particular store is conveniently situated within the main shopping precinct of Blacktown. Its only a short walk from the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre if you are having any difficulty finding it. This central location makes it a perfect choice for weary shoppers at the end of a long day of retail therapy to drop into this Western Sydney store from some delicious and tasty chicken goodness.

El Jannah Kogarah

The good people at El Jannah have not forgotten those living in the southern suburbs of Sydney with the recent opening of the El Jannah Kogarah chicken shop.

Since it’s opening, this store has been hugely successfull and continues to go from strength to strength. You can find it located at 100-102 Railway Parade, Kogarah NSW 2217.

Kogarah train station is just nearby to this store, so if you’ve just jumped off the train and are heading home, why not make a quick detour for some mouth-watering chicken. St George Hospital as well as St George Private Hospital are two other local landmarks very close to this particular store.

Other El Jannah locations

In addition to some of the great stores listed above, you can also enjoy El Jannah chicken at the following locations:

  • Shop 1/11-13 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134
  • Shop 3/16 Smithfield Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164
  • 701 Punchbowl Rd, Punchbowl NSW 2196
  • Shop 2/535 High St, Penrith NSW 2750S

About El Jannah

El Jannah is an Arabic word that means paradise or heaven. El Jannah is a family-owned restaurant chain that specializes in Lebanese cuisines. The fast-food chain was started in 1998 by the Australian founders Andre and Carole Estephan. The first El Jannah store was opened in the suburb of Granville, Sydney. Their signature charcoal-grilled chicken was loved by Australian people because of its juiciness and organic taste. Since the restaurant opened 20 years ago, the famous chicken restaurant and Lebanese restaurant has gained a cult following from Australian people. The business grew and has expanded to eight other stores within the metro area. The famous restaurant chain has announced its plan to open outlets in Melbourne this year. Aside from chicken dishes, El Jannah also serves skewers, burgers, wraps, salads, rolls. Recently, the chain opened a take-away style shop called El Jannah Express where seats are limited and there is no table service.

The charcoal-grilled chicken of El Jannah tastes as good as the original Lebanese charcoal chicken. It is glistening and very juicy it will make your hands look like they’ve just come out from a stack of potato scallops. Every chicken part is tender and carries the same smoky flavor as the chicken skin and bone-adjacent bits. The skin is perfectly cooked like a slow-cooked stew, and the umami-packed bones are soft to chew. El Jannah is also known for the best-tasting garlic sauce called toum. Their toum is creamy and fluffy. That is the secret to their best-selling charcoal chicken. The chicken is marinated in a mixture of lemon, salt, oil, and vinegar for hours. Other dishes that customers love to order are hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, burgers, and the crisp and tender southern fried chicken. Their fried chicken drumsticks and chicken tenders as options that are both as delicious and as juicy as the charcoaled ones. They have sweet and spicy and honey mustard sauce to dip.

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