Ze Pickle menu prices

Ze Pickle menu prices

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Name: Ze Pickle menu prices

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Cuisine: Burgers , Food

Ze Pickle is a burger joint selling a delicous range of gourmet beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers. The Ze Pickle menu also features some great craft beers which are perfect to help wash down one of their delicious burgers.

Ze Pickle menu prices

Listed on this page is the Ze Pickle menu for locations throughout Australia. These are the latest Australian prices updated during March 2021.

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About the Ze Pickle restaurant

Ze Pickle is known for its mouth-watering burgers, considered by most South East Queensland people to be the best quality burgers in town. Aside from that, the burger joint is also famous for its craft beer. The dream to put up a burger joint happened one night when three friends- Nathan Zuckerman, Joey Day, and Aaron Wilson were pickling cucumbers for Aaron’s German uncle. Joey just kind of threw a tantrum of being unable to find a place that serves burgers just like the one he tasted in America. He was really upset that his two friends comforted him by promising that they would open their own burger place someday to hang-out that would serve great food and high-quality craft beer with relaxing music in the background. The promise was realized when the three finally opened their own burger in 2012. Aside from their burgers and beers, Ze Pickle expanded their menu to a line of cocktails, snacks, and desserts for a more fabulous customer experience.

Ze Pickle is a simple burger joint and a full-service restaurant that serves beef and chicken dishes and pulled pork. They have their own laboratory where they make all of their signature sauces and mix their cocktails. Their Chewy Mate burger is what you should get if you love a fantastic burger, not like any other you already tasted. This one has swiss cheese and smoked pastrami in it, which is not common in burgers. Though the food is a little pricy, the extra dollars you pay are all worth it once you tasted their food. It’s beyond ordinary. Their craft beer, cocktails, and wine selection are impressive; just tell the bartender what you like; they know every little thing of what they’re doing. Ze Pickle may look like fast food, but their food quality and ambiance screams the opposite. It is a commendable place for group gatherings if you’re looking for a place to chill for the night.

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