Zarraffa’s menu prices

Zarraffa’s menu prices

The Zarraffa’s menu is known for its excellent coffee and great value prices. This is not surprising given the chain’s roots as a coffee Roastery. Enjoy their coffee beans, sourced from all over the world and roasted exclusively in-house, in all the classic ways with Zarraffa’s menu offering their take on familiar espresso-based drinks such as the Americano, Mocha, Latte and Flat White available hot or iced.

The Fusion drinks here blend together ice-cream, milk and your choice of a wide range of flavors from Mocha to White Chocolate, resulting in a tall frosty milkshake designed to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Pair one of their amazing drinks with a hot and savoury wrap or sandwich like their Chicken, Cheese and Avo Ciabatta for a quick lunch, or something from their large selection of cakes and cookies for an afternoon snack.

If that’s got you wanting a coffee-hit or perhaps a bite to eat, check out the latest Zarraffa’s menu prices below:

Zarraffa's menu with prices


Caffe Latte$4.00 - Short / $4.50 Tall / Grande $5.50 / Masai $6.00
Cappuccino$4.00 - Short / $4.50 Tall / Grande $5.50 / Masai $6.00
Flat White$4.00 - Short / $4.50 Tall / Grande $5.50 / Masai $6.00
Hot Chocolate$4.75 - Short / $5.25 Tall / Grande $5.75 / Masai $6.75
White Hot Chocolate$4.75 - Short / $5.25 Tall / Grande $5.75 / Masai $6.75
Chai Latte$4.50 - Short / $5.00 Tall / Grande $5.50 / Masai $6.500
Americano$3.75 - Short / $4.25 Tall / Grande $5.25 / Masai $5.75