Zambrero menu prices

Zambrero menu prices

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Name: Zambrero menu prices


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Cuisine: Healthy , Mexican , Take Away

The Zambrero menu features an excellent range of mexican inspired fast-food options that are both delicious and healthyThe menu prices are also affordable to all budgets. All of their chicken products are RSPCA Approved which means that they taste great and are ethically raised. Zambrero is a great choice if you are looking for a quick and easy chicken meal that tastes great and quick food option that you won’t feel guilty about eating.

Zambrero Menu

Note: these prices are current as of July 2022. Please let us know in the comments before if you’ve found prices to be cheaper or more expensive at your local store throughout Australia.

Burrito prices

Burrito – regular $12.40
Burrito – small $9.90
Bowl – regular $12.40
IQ Bowl $14.40
IQ Burrito $14.40
Power Bowl (50% more filling) $14.40
Power Burrito (50% more filling) $16.40

Nachos prices

Nachos – regular $13.90
Nachos – small $5.90


Garlic (included)
Secret BBQ (included)
Basilo (included)
Trezigo (included)
Chipotle (included)
Verde (included)
Red Chilli (included)

Extras prices

Guacamole $2
Black Rice $1
Gluten Free Tortilla $2
Vegan Sour Cream $1
Vegan Cheese $1
Salsa IQ $1.50
Extra Topping $0.50

Toppings prices

White Rice (included)
Pinto Beans (included)
Cheese (included)
Sour Cream (included)
Cos Lettuce (included)
Tomato Salsa (included)
Red Onion & Coriander Salsa (included)
Corn Salsa (included)
Jalapenos (included)
Fresh Lime Juice (included)


Chicken (included)
Barbacoa Beef (included)
Pulled Pork (included)
Lamb (included)
Cauliflower (Vegan Friendly) (included)
Vegetarian (Guac. included / Vegan Friendly) (included)
Double Filling + $4.00

Drinks prices

Soft Drink – 600ml $4.10
Water – 600ml $3.60
Iced Tea – 500ml $4.20
Kombucha – 330ml $5.50
Probiotic – 350ml $4.90
Shine+ 400ml $5.90
Shine+ 330ml $4.90
Shine+ Shot 100ml $4.50

Something Smaller prices

Tacos x2 $9.40
Dos Capas x2 $9.90
Chips & Guac $3.90
Quesadilla x2 $8.90
Quesadilla (Veg) x2 $5.90
Blondie or Brownie $3.90

Photos of the Zambrero In-Store Menu Board

Here are some photos of the menu board that you can expect to see when you head into your local Zambrero store at any location throughout Australia.

Store Photos

Here are some photos of the Zambrero store in Cessnock NSW. Photos are current and were taken during 2021.

Zambrero Menu Cards

Here are some photos of a Zambrero flyer that we picked up in-store. It lists all the menu items, as well as current pricing.

Detailed information about Zambrero Food

Below are full details of each individual menu items. It also included information about whether it is suitable for Vegetarians or if it is Vegan Friendly.

Zambrero Nutrition

Click on the following link to download Zambrero Nutritional Information in PDF format. This file contains information about Zambrero calories contained in each item on the Zambrero menu.

New Menu Item: Triple T Deluxe

On a recent visit to our local Zambrero store in Darlinghurst, we stumbled across this delicious new addition to the menu.

It’s call the Triple T Deluxe !

It’s available in both a Quesadilla ($12.90) and Burrito ($13.90) varieties.

Whats special about this menu item ? Well, it’s the delicious TRUFFELO Sauce, with TWICE the amount of regular cheese, and finished off by being TOASTED. And there are you x3 T’s to give the you the “Triple T Deluxe” master creation!

I tried the Burrito version (I was really hungry on the day that I visited), and I can definitely say that is delicious and well worth it.

Apparently, it’s for a limited time only. But hopefully if it’s popular the people at Zambrero might decide to keep it on the regular menu. Fingers crossed!

About Zambrero restaurants

Zambrero is a Mexican restaurant chain, committed to providing healthy affordable meals for people on the go, and also to helping solve world hunger. It began in 2005, when then-medical student Sam Prince decided to combine his passion for healthy eating with his desire to help the world, one donated meal at a time. This was at a time where there was a serious shortage of affordable, healthy Mexican food available in Australia, so really kick-started the shift towards healthy fast food chains. Since opening, Zambrero has expanded to over 200 restaurants across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United States. Currently, over 46 million meals have been donated through an organisation called Rise Against Hunger. Zombrero hopes to donate a billion meals by 2025.

Philanthropical successes aside, Zombrero is a fantastic way to eat fresh, Mexican-inspired food your way. The menu works as a series of customisations you can make to create the perfect meal for you. You start by choosing a style of dish, whether it be a burrito or nachos or a burrito bowl. After that, you chose a protein whether it be puled pork, free range chicken, or cauliflower for a healthy vegetarian/vegan option. After that, you have full control over which toppings you’d like to go with that and then, your meal is wrapped and served to you fresh. This spot offers smaller meal options, like mini burritos, if you only feel like a snack, and is a fantastic way to get a fresh, healthy lunch on the go. The stores tend to be light, vibrant environments with pine wood chairs and tables to relax in while you enjoy your food. This is also a great accessible place if you have any dietary requirements, because every meal is so customisable. If you want to eat something quick and fresh while on the go, while also supporting an organisation set on helping the world, Zambrero is the place for you.

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    Seriously does the drive thru usually take longer than 25 minutes, this is a joke

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    40minutes later and I’m still in the drive thru waiting for my food

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