Yakimono menu prices

Yakimono menu prices

Here you can view the most recent Yakimono menu prices for 2023. This place is a Japanese restaurant located in Collins St, smack-bang in the heart of Melbourne. The first thing that hits us when we recently dined here was how colourful and visually stunning the exterior and interior decor was. And then the was the food. It was stunning. There were so many delicious options to try on the Yakimono menu, with the Wagyu Beef Intercostal being my personal favourite. Keen to see what all the hype is about with this restaurant?

Check out the latest Yakimono menu prices below. Please note that prices and menu items may vary when you visit here, but these are correct as of October 2023 when I dined here. Have you dined here yet? Let us know your thoughts about the food and venue overall in the Comments section below. O shokuji o o tanoshimi kudasai!

Yakimono menu with prices


Charcoal Roasted Edamame14.5
Edamame & Wasabi Dip17.5
Karaage Chicken17.5
Kingfish Sando19.5
Crispy Eggplant16.5
Karubi Dog17.5
Mushroom Croquettes19.5
Black Sesame Chicken21.5
Pork & Ginger Gyoza19.5
Curried Sweet Potato Gyoza19.5


Tuna Tartare22.5
Torched Scallops29.5
Cured Salmon28.5
Kingfish Sashimi31.5
Yaki Sashimi34.5
Spiced Beef Tartare32.5


Grilled King Oyster Mushroom21.5
Dynamite Tuna Hako27.5
Panko Prawn32.5
Miso Scallop Hako32.5
Salmon Hako27.5


An Introduction To Yakimon, and Fire.88


Chef's Premium Selection, to Riotously Enjoy.120

STICKS (2 pieces)

Chopstick Corn18.5
King Prawn36.5
Chicken Tsukune19.5
Soy Sesame Pork18.5
Negi Chicken19.5
King Brown Mushroom16.5
Charred Squid17.5
Wagyu Beef Intercostal26.5


Miso Salmon32.5
BBQ Octopus39.5
Tuna Tataki34.5


Tokyo Grilled Chicken25.5
Pork Belly Chashu28.5
BBQ Steak36.5
Chicken Katsu28.5
Grilled Pork Cutlet33.5
Wagyu Rump Cut42.5
Pork Tonkatsu31.5


Prawn & Egg Rice33.5
Togarashi Duce Rice28.5
Squid Carbonara Udon29.5
Pork Tan Tan Noodles23.5
Nori Sesame Soba23.5
BBQ Sansho Chicken24.5
Steamed Jasmine Rice7.5


Charred Cauliflower17.5
Baby Carrots16.5
Cabbage Slaw14.5
Black Sesame Green Beans18.5
Charred Broccolini18.5
Miso Pumpkin17.5


Tokyo Banana17.5
Yuzu Marble Cake18.5
Yaki Wagon Wheel16.5
Saki Fruit Sundae18.5
Choco Soba Cha Mousse19.5

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