Vapiano menu prices

Vapiano menu prices

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Cuisine: Italian , Pasta , Pizza

Listed on this page is the Vapiano menu for locations throughout Australia. Prices are updated and current as of March 2021.

Vapiano menu prices

Vapiano’s menu offers classic Italian food in a “self-service” style, but don’t be fooled by all the pizza and pasta dishes they offer. This international restaurant chain, with seven locations in Australia and over 200 stores worldwide, actually originated not in Italy but in Hamburg, Germany, and has been serving its unique brand of Italian food since 2002. They pride themselves on serving made-to-order pizza and pasta created from premium, locally-sourced ingredients. For example, its Australian stores source olives, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and pasta flour from Australian producers, supporting local suppliers. Vapiano works in a “self-service” style, with several different cooking counters arranged in a spacious dining area decorated with live olive trees. Customers are free to order from whichever counter they want, with the food prepared right in front of their eyes from raw ingredients, and the prepared items can be enjoyed at large communal tables in the dining area. A perfect choice for socializing with family and friends.

Vapiano describes itself as being a “pizza, pasta and bar combination”, which is a great summary of what is on the menu here. They offer various different types of pasta and lasagna, from staples like the Bolognese and Carbonara to its own unique creations such as the Super Green pasta. Pizzas here are served thin-crust and piping hot with your choice of a wide range of cured meat and vegetable toppings. Try their Truffle Oil pizza for a luxurious combination of truffle oil, ham, mushrooms and rocket not often found elsewhere. The Vapiano menu also includes salads, appetizers and desserts to accompany these main courses, offering favorites such as the Bruschetta, Caesar Salad and Tiramisu. And don’t forget about their extensive list of wines, beer and cocktails, including a constantly rotating list of Australian craft beer. Combining excellent drinks and food with a unique dining style, Vapiano is a great choice for all types of dining occasions.

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