Uncle Tetsu menu prices

Uncle Tetsu menu prices

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Name: Uncle Tetsu menu prices

Website: https://uncletetsu.com.au

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Cuisine: Desserts , Japanese

Uncle Testsu is a shop that serves Japanese style dessert dishes. Their menu includes cheesecakes, cheese tarts, and madeleines.

Below are the items currently available on the full Uncle Tetsu’s menu:

Japanese Cheesecake prices

Original Cheesecake $18
Chocolate Cheesecake $18
Honey Earl Grey Cheesecake $18

Cheese Tarts prices

Berry cheesetart $4.20
Taro cheesetart $4.20
Original cheesetart $3.90

Madeleines prices

Honey madeleine $3.50
Chocolate madeleine $3.50
Earl Grey madeleine $3.50
Matcha madeleine $3.50

Onigiri Crepe prices

Original Berry onigiri crepe $4.20
Honey Earl Grey onigiri crepe $4.20
Almond Chocolate onigiri crepe $4.20

PDF Menu Download

The full Uncle Testsu menu is available in PDF format.

Click here to download your own copy of the menu to your local computer: Uncle Testsu menu (PDF format)

Picture of the front counter inside a Uncle Tetsu store:

Photo showing some of the delicious Japanese style cheesecakes that can be purchased at Uncle Tetsu’s:

  1. Maree O'Hara says:

    We bought an original cheesecake on the 17/06 at the Melbourne store and were charged $21.90. Won’t buy that again!!

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