Uncle Tetsu menu prices

Uncle Tetsu menu prices

Uncle Testsu is the undisputed winner when it comes to serving up light and fluffy Japanese style cheesecakes. Since their arrival in Australia over the last few years, the popularity of this dessert store from Japan is immense. Also worth trying are their Madeleine cakes, which are perfect with a coffee or tea. Have you visited their Sydney or Melbourne store?

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The menu is constantly updated with innovative and delicious new items. For the very last info, be sure to check out the latest Uncle Tetsu menu prices below:

Uncle Tetsu menu with prices

Japanese Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake$21.90
Very Berry Cheesecake$18.50
Honey Early Grey Cheesecake$21.90


Original Cheesetart$4.50
Matcha Cheesetart$4.80
Taro Cheesetart$4.80
Cheesetart Box (6 tarts) - Original / Matcha / Taro / Mixed$25


Honey flavoured Madeleine$3.90
Madeleine Box (6 madeleines)$14.50
Madeleine Box (6 madeleines)$14.50


Cheesecake Combo - Original Cheesecake + Other Flavour Cheesecake$38
Madeleine Combo - Original Cheesecake + 4 Madeleines$34
Cheesetart Combo - Original Cheesecake + 6 Cheesetarts$45


Vanilla Pudding$4.30
Cheese Pudding$4.30
Pudding Box (4 puddings)$14.50