Top Juice menu prices

Top Juice menu prices

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Name: Top Juice menu prices

Address: Head Office: 204A Hume Highway, Greenacre, NSW 2190

Phone: Head Office: (02) 8095 9884


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Cuisine: Healthy , Juice

Top Juice is one of the leading fresh fruit juice franchises in Australia. The Top Juice menu features fruit juices, vegie juices, frappes and smoothies. They also have a range of delicious salads that are delivered in-store fresh and crisp each and every day.

Top Juice menu prices

Listed on this page are the latest Top Juice menu prices, valid for all locations throughout Australia in 2021.

Note: the following fruit juice prices are for the Small size option.

  • Feel Good = $6
  • Jungle Juice = $6
  • Berried Treasure = $6
  • Pear Flair = $6
  • Easy Tropical = $6
  • Berry Delight = $6
  • Happy Juice = $6
  • Citrus Mix = $6

Medium fruit juices are $7, and large fruit juices are $8.

About the Top Juice menu

Top Juice is the home of the freshest and healthiest juices in Australia. Started in the early 1990s from a family-owned fruit and vegetable shop in Sydney’s Double Bay, Top Juice is known to be the ultimate place to quench your thirst with its delicious and healthy juices made from all-natural ingredients. The founder and still the present owner Ali Sawan is on top of everything to make sure Top Juice has maintained its original commitment to delivering the freshest and best quality ingredients to its loyal customers. The chain of refreshing juice has evolved into a chain of healthy fruit bars across Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland with more than 50 outlets to serve more customers. Since day one, Top Juice remains number one in terms of delivering the best top quality, top fresh, top juice. They offer assorted flavors to choose from and you can order your personalized juice. Simply pick the vegies or a fruit, or a combination of both that you like they will juice it for you.

Top Juice is not exclusive for juices alone. The place also serves beverages like smoothies, protein shakes, frappes, and blended breakfast shakes that are as nutritious as their juices. They also showcase a range of fresh salads made from premium fruits and vegetables and seasonal ingredients from local suppliers. Recently they added melon mixes, rice pudding, and decadent chocolate-dipped fruit to their menu for the chocolate lovers. Top Juice also serves a healthy and yummy breakfast perfect begin your busy day. Their nutritious Super Veg juice is a mix of carrot, parsley, ginger, beetroot, and orange juice that will surely satisfy your vegan appetite. Another customer’s favorite is the mind-blowing avocado and almond smoothie that taste really, really good. Their Red Rush Green Juice is also a bestseller. With its ingredients, it is like getting all the nutrients you need for the day. Top Juice is the perfect place to detox!

Summer Escape menu options

  • Lychee Sun juice = $8
  • Island Peach smoothie = $8
  • Pom Paradise juice = $8

Note: these prices were taken at the Top Juice store in Westfields Bondi Junction (NSW).

Top Juice Dairy Free Smoothies

Here is the latest dairy free smoothies available on the Top Juice menu:

  • Date Me = $9
  • Cocobana = $9
  • Jungle Green = $9
  • Strawberry Green = $9
  • Mighty Mango = $9
  • Pink Dragon = $9

Note: all of the dairy free smoothies come with Coconut Yoghurt.

Top Juice Acai Bowls

Enjoy a delicious acia bowl with fresh natural ingredients.

  • Large Acai Bowl = $12

Chocolate prices:

  • Chocolate Banana = $3
  • Chocolate Strawberry = $3
  • Fig Pistachio Protein Ball = $3.50

Yoghurt menu items

Top Juice has a selection of tasty and healthy yoghurts with fresh fruit mix-ins:

Yoghurt sizes and prices:

  • Small yoghurt = $6.80
  • Medium yoghurt = $7.80
  • Large yoghurt = $8.80

Yoghurt flavours:

  • Bircher Muesli
  • Crumble Mix Yoghurt
  • Toasted Muesli Banana Strawberry Dried Coconut Yoghurt
  • Mixed Berries Yoghurt
  • Mango Yoghurt
  • Rice Pudding

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