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Last Updated: April 2024

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The following is a sample of the Coffee Club All Day Menu

All-Day Brekkie

Toast, Fruit Toast or Croissant6.5
Eggs on Toast12.9
Brekkie Burger13.9
Buttermilk Pancakes w/ Chocolate Hazelnut15.5
Bacon & Eggs17.8
Make Your Fave Omelette - Choose any 317.9
Make Your Fave Omelette - Choose any 419.9

Signature Brekkie

Famous Eggs Benny20.9
Corn & Zucchini Fritter Stack20.9
The Big Breakfast25.5
The Veggie Big Breakfast25.5

All-Day Lunch

Sourdough Toastie & Chips13.9
Chicken & Bacon Club Sandwich20.9
Pulled Beef Sandwich20.9
Hand Crumbed Lemon Pepper Calamari21.5
Beer Battered Whiting22.5
Seasoned Chips6.9
Sweet Potato Chips8.9
Spiced Cauliflower Bites8.9
Seasoned Wedges12.9

Signature Flat Grill

Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pesto15.5
Fable Meaty Mushroom15.5
BBQ Pulled Beef & Bacon15.9
Camembert, Chicken & Bacon16.9
Chicken, Mushroom & Truffle Mayo16.9

Specialty Sourdough

Smashed Avo13.9
Vegan Smashed Avo13.9
Brekkie Bruschetta16.5

The Veggie Big Breakfast - Add-Ons

Egg | Tomato | Hollandaise13.9
Bacon Rasher | Hash Brown | Chips13.9
Fresh Avo | Avo Smash | Mushrooms+4.1ea
Spiced Cauliflower Bites | Sweet Potato Chips+4.1ea
Fable Meaty Mushrooms w/ BBQ Sauce+4.1ea
Grilled Chicken | Maple Bacon Rasher+4.1ea
Haloumi | Lemon Pepper Calamari+4.1ea
2 Bacon Rashers | 3 Chipolatas | Smoked Salmon+5.5ea


Haloumi & Mint Salad15.9
Caesar Salad17.8
Roasted Cauliflower & Fresh Avo Salad18.9

Gourmet Burgers w/ Chips

Classic Cheeseburger17.9
Crispy Chicken Fillet Burger19.9
Fable Meaty Mushroom & Haloumi Burger20.5
Beef, Bacon & Truffle Mayo Burger21.9

Kids' Club

BabycinoFree w/ any Purchase
Kids' Juice3.5
Kids' Hot Chocolate4.0
Kids' Milkshake4.0
Kids' Egg on Toast w/ Hash Brown8.9
Kids' Avo on Toast w/ Hash Brown8.9
Kids' Brekkie Bowl8.9
Kids' Rainbow Pancakes8.9
Kids' Cheesy Ham Flat Grill™9.9
Kids' Chicken Nuggets & Chips10.9
Kids' Fish & Chips10.9
Kids' Cheeseburger & Chips11.9


Espresso | Long Black4.5
Latte | Cappuccino | Flat White4.5

Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate4.9
Chai Latte5.2
Dirty Cha5.8
Dirty Chai Affogato6.0


Premium Tea Selection4.4
Ceylon Spiced Chai Tea4.8