Taco Bell menu prices

Taco Bell menu prices

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Name: Taco Bell menu prices

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Cuisine: Fast Food , Mexican , Take Away

Taco Bell is the worlds best known mexican fast-food restaurant. The Australian Taco Bell menu is best known for it’s delicious mexican tacos, and juicy California Burrito. Diners visiting a Taco Bell store can also experience their fast and efficient service. Taco Bells is rapidly expanding with new stores, they currently have restaurants in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

Listed below you will find the latest Taco Bell menu, along with full price information. These menu prices are current as of April 2021:

Menu Item Price (AUD)


Crunchwrap Supreme – single $7.65
Crunchwrap Supreme – meal (Chips + Drink) $9.95
Cheesy Gordita Crunch – single $6.65
Cheesy Gordita Crunch – meal (Chips + Drink) $9.25
Taco Supreme – double $6.25
Taco Supreme – meal (Chips + Drink) $9.65
Grilled Stuft Burrito – single $7.95
Grilled Stuft Burrito – meal (Chips + Drink) $10.95
Quesadilla – single $5.95
Quesadilla – meal (Chips + Drink) $8.95
California Burrito – single $6.95
California Burrito – meal (Chips + Drink) $9.85
Upsize to Grande $2.50
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Stacked Nachos Supreme $9.95
Stacked Chips Supreme $9.95
Cantina Power Bowl $8.95
Cantina Fresco Bowl $7.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Cheesy Swirl $2.00
Crunchy Taco $2.50
Churros $3.00
Beefy Cheesy Burrito $3.00
Chicken Quesadilla $3.00
Chocodilla $3.00
Menu Item Price (AUD)

Chips & Dips

Hot Chips – regular $2.95
Hot Chips – large $3.65
Tortilla Chips – regular $2.95
Tortilla Chips – large $3.65
Dip – Nacho Cheese Sauce $1.00
Dip – Guacamole $1.00
Dip – Sour Cream $1.00
Dip – Fiesta Salsa $1.00
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Soft Drinks – regular $2.95
Soft Drinks – large $3.65
Freeze $1.00
Phoenix Brew $3.95
Real Iced Tea $3.95
Cool Ridge Water $2.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)

Something Stronger

Frozen Margarita $7.00
Corona $6.00
Newstead $7.50
Coopers Light $6.00
Somersby Apple Cider $6.00

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About the Australian Taco Bell restuarant

Craving for Mexican food? Taco Bell is the best place for you to go with its delicious and Mexican-inspired tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. Taco Bell has an American origin back in 1962 by Glenn Bell, with its first store in Downey, California. Bell created the Crunchy Taco that opened a lot of opportunities for the business. The restaurant is known for its Mexican-inspired cuisines that captured American people’s tastes; it has opened 100 outlets five years after the launch. Managing a chain of restaurants by yourself is not easy; in 1978, Taco Bell was sold to PepsiCo Inc all of its 868 stores, making Glenn Bell a stockholder instead of being the sole owner. It was 2017 when the first Australian Taco Bell restaurant was opened in Brisbane, introducing Mexican food to the Australian market. Australians love the restaurant’s food and services that it opened another outlet in South Wales and Victoria several years later.

Among the signature food items created by Taco Bell that are being served up to now are the cheesy gorditas that have become a crazy sensation in the US and the Crunchwrap Supreme, which is considered the bestselling item from generation to generation. Their original burrito is still as creamy and as cheesy as the day it was introduced to the market. What makes the restaurant successful is that they were able to maintain the taste of all their food. The chicken quesadilla is fantastic with jalapeno sauce. It can be your takeaway snack or meal as a whole, along with tacos and burritos. And if you are confused with the many options to choose from, the Nacho Fries Box is best for you. It has everything you love in one box- Gordita, Doritos Taco, fries, and nacho cheese. And if you love cinnamons, try their Cinnamon Twists. It does bring a twist to your entire Taco Bell experience. Up to this date, Taco Bell is considered the healthiest fast-food chain and is perfect for lunch, snacks, or dinner. The place screams perfection on every occasion.

  1. GARY B. SMITH says:

    When is there going to be a Taco Bell in Geelong? I used to be a regular visitor to the Taco Bell in Honolulu and I’m craving some now! Please advise.

  2. Brownie Dickens says:

    May I order some hot sauce and fire sauce packets to be mailed to the Busselton area in WA? Actually, it’s Nannup zip 6275? It’s a 3.5 hour drive to Midland. Can’t wait to see you closer to Busselton.

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