Suzie Dukes menu prices

Suzie Dukes menu prices

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Name: Suzie Dukes menu prices


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Cuisine: Burgers , Restaurant

Suzie Dukes is a burger joint with locations in Ingleburn, North Rocks, and Kareela. All burgers on the Suzie Dukes menu are created using a daily baked milk bun.

Below are the latest Suzie Duke menu items as well as updated prices for 2021.

Suzie Dukes Menu Prices

Menu Item Price (AUD)


Cheeseburger $7
Duke Burger $9
Fried Chicken Burger $9
Crispy Chicken Classic $9
Halloumi Burger $9
Fiesta Burger $9

Upgrade To Meal

Regular $4.50
Large $6
Swap chips for salad $2


Nutella Shake $6
Salted Caramel Shake $6
Matcha Shake $6
Strawberry Shake $6
Donut Upgrade $3


Beef Patty $4
Fried Chicken $4
Guacamole $2
Bacon $4
Halloumi $3
Cheese $0.50

About Suzie Dukes

Suzie Dukes is a famous burger joint in the shopping center of Ingleburn Village, Sydney Australia. They also have outlets in North Rocks and Kareela. The name Suzie Dukes is from the names of the couple who owns it- Suzie and Michael with the nickname “Dukey”. Michael’s family owned a French bakery-cafe before. The bakery became their bread and butter when the global financial crisis hits during his late teen years. Having busy parents, Mike is always the in-charge of the kitchen. He loves to watch cooking shows on tv and he loves to cook. He copied recipes and try cooking them sometimes but failed most of the time except in making burgers. When their cook resigned, Mike has no choice but to take over their bakery’s kitchen. Suzie and Dukes started when the couple bought the take-away shop beside their bakery and took the risk of making their burger joint.

Suzie Dukes specialty product is the handcrafted burgers made with fresh organic ingredients and delicious milky buns from their own bakery. The best-selling items on the Suzie Dukes menu are the famous Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger and the Homemade Smashed Beef Patty Burgers. The Crispy Chicken Classic Burger is made with buttermilk fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic, and aioli. The mouth-watering Fried Chicken Burger also has buttermilk fried chicken but with slaw pickled radish with sriracha mayonnaise. The Cheeseburger is also a must-try with its organic beef patty, American cheese, mustard, and tomato sauce. All the sauce and famous chicken coating of the burger junction are all homemade. Suzie Dukes also serves amazing doughnut shakes and doughnuts for dessert after eating the burgers. The success they have now is because they focus on serving customers a great experience. Customer experience starts the moment they enter the store, to ordering the food and the satisfaction after eating their orders.

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