Sushi Hub menu prices

Sushi Hub menu prices

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Name: Sushi Hub menu prices


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Cuisine: Japanese , Sushi , Take Away

Sushi Hub serves both classical sushi as well as their own modern interpretations on sushi. The Sushi Hub menu includes all the favourites such as Crispy Chicken Avocado, and Californian roll.

Sushi Hub menu prices

Listed on this page is the Sushi Hub menu with updated prices, for all locations throughout Australia.

Note: the following Sushi Hub menu prices were observed at the Sushi Hub store at World Square in Sydney NSW during March 2021.


  • Grilled Salmon Nigiri = $1.80
  • Grilled Scallop Nigiri = $2.20
  • Grilled Prawn Nigiri = $1.80
  • Fried Ebi Nigiri = $1.80


  • Tuna Salad Sandwich = $2.50
  • Sushi Sandwich = $2.50


  • Chicken Salad = $8.80
  • Prawn Salad = $8.80


  • Scallop Salad Inari = $2.20
  • Tuna Salad Inari = $2.20
  • Abalone Salad Inari = $2.20
  • Baby Octopus Salad Inari = $2.20
  • Crab Stick Salad Inari = $2.20

About Sushi Hub

Sushi Hub was founded in 2006 by friends Raymond Chen, James Chen, and Lean Li. The food place is located in the busy shopping area of Cabramatta in Sydney where a line of Japanese restaurants can be seen. Raymond started as a franchisee of the famous bakery chain Bread before he decided to build his own business and be the franchisor. Sushi Hub has grown to more than 50 stores, five years after it opened to the public. Becoming a Sushi Hub franchisee is not easy. One has to work and be trained for at least one year to know how the restaurant operates. The management and the staffs work hand in hand to serve the top quality and freshest sushi to its customers. Sushi Hub has local suppliers to deliver the ingredients daily to ensure that the ingredients are fresh. The interior of the restaurant is of traditional Japanese architecture with a contemporary twist.

Making the perfect sushi is a labor of love between the chef and the customers. Sushi Hub serves classical sushi and fusion sushi with a variety of flavors. The most popular dishes to order are Maki Roll, Inari, Sushi Box, Sashimi, salads, and soup. They also serve brown rice to customers who are looking for low GI and high fiber staples. One must taste their delicious jellyfish yum, their splendid sashimi, and the delectable nigiri. One good thing about Sushi Hub is that you can make a special order that is not on the menu. They will make it for you as long as they have the ingredients available. The chef and the staffs are so passionate about what they are doing, they know all the basics about making sushi. Most customer who visits the place orders sashimi platters, chicken rolls, scallop rolls to name some. Sushi Hub is best for those who want affordable fast take out or for those who want a quick bite. A highly commendable place to go with its yummy Japanese foods, fast service, and good location.

Sushi Hub store – World Square (Sydney NSW)

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