Sumo Salad menu prices

Sumo Salad menu prices

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Name: Sumo Salad menu prices


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Cuisine: Healthy , Salads

Sumo Salad is one of the original healthy salad shops in Australia. The Sumo Salad menu is perfect for those who want a tasty salad or wrap, while at the same time adhering to a healthy diet. Menu prices during 2021 start at an affordable $10.95 for a wrap.

Sumo Salad menu prices

Listed on this page is the Sumo Salad menu for locations throughout Australia. Prices are updated for 2021.

Salad Bowls

  • Warm Thai Beef = $11.95
  • Vietnamese Chicken = $11.95
  • Grilled Beef and Haloumi = $11.95
  • Chicken Caesar = $11.95
  • Power Protein = $11.95
  • Falafel & Hummus = $11.95
  • Note: the large size for all of the Salad Bowls is priced at $12.95

Grain Bowls

If you’re trying to stay really healthy, these Sumo Salad grain bowls are tasty yet healthy. They are made with steamed brown rice and quinoa so you can enjoy them and also not feel guilty about anything that is bad for you.

  • Thai Chicken grain bowl = $11.95
  • Katsu Chicken grain bowl = $11.95
  • Lamb & Haloumi grain bowl = $11.95
  • Green Goodness grain bowl = $11.95
  • Note: the large size for all of the Grain Bowls is priced at $12.95


Sumo Salad also have a variety of tasty wraps on their menu for you to enjoy:

  • Mexican Chicken wrap = $10.95
  • Greek Lamb & Tabbouleh wrap = $10.95
  • Chicken Caesar wrap = $10.95
  • South West Chicken wrap = $10.95

About the Sumo Salad store

When we hear the word restaurants or fast-food chains, most of us would rarely associate it with healthy foods, right? Especially nowadays, where it can be really challenging finding a place to eat that offers a large variety of healthy dishes on their menu. The good news is that a vegan and a vegetarian-theme restaurant does exist. And luckily, you can find one of those places within Australia! Sumo Salad is a popular restaurant founded in 2003 by James Miller and Luke Baylis. They primarily serve salad meals that particularly suit diets such as Paleolithic, Vegan, and Vegetarian. Sumo Salad opened its first outlet in Liverpool, Sydney, and it became an instant hit, especially for health buffs. As a result, the business grew and opened 100 more fast-food chains spread across the country, including New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia. They also have expanded their operation to other countries like Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

Sumo Salad is popularly referred to as “The Healthiest Food Franchise.” And it is rightfully so because they only offer vegetable salads and other healthy foods. If you’re on a diet or maintaining a certain weight, you can never go wrong with any items on the Sumo Salad menu. Each of them is as healthy as the other one and provides a rich and delicious taste. They have a wide range of salad selections, including vinaigrette, roasted vegetables, and warm and crispy garnish. You can also ask for a tiny amount of meat if you need more protein in your meals. Aside from salads, they also have other healthy items like yogurt, brewed coffee, vegetarian soup, pasta, rolls, wraps, toasties, etc. When you enter any of their outlets, you will immediately notice the glass counter in the middle. Inside the counter is a lineup of fresh vegetables to choose from. Their customer service is also excellent! If it’s your first time in their store, they are more than happy to take any questions that you may have about their menu.

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