Subway Menu Prices in Australia

Subway Menu Prices in Australia

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Name: Subway Menu Prices in Australia


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Cuisine: Healthy , Salads , Subway , Take Away

Subway are well known for their healthy eating options , freshly-baked breads, and crispy fresh salads. The Australian Subway menu contains all the classics as well as a few local gems to be enjoyed. Prices start from a very affordable $6.50 for a 6inch Meltball Melt.

Listed below are the latest Subway menu prices. These are the current prices as of July 2022.

Menu Item Price (AUD)

Iconic Subs

Meatball Melt – 6 inch $6.50
Meatball Melt – Footlong $9.50
Chicken Classic – 6 inch $7.95
Chicken Classic – Footlong $10.95
Buffalo Chicken – 6 inch $8.25
Buffalo Chicken – Footlong $11.25
Chicken Teriyaki – 6 inch $7.95
Chicken Teriyaki – Footlong $10.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)

Additional Flavours

Seafood Sensation – 6 inch $5.95
Seafood Sensation – Footlong $8.95
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt – 6 inch $8.25
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt – Footlong $11.50
Chipotle Steak Melt – 6 inch $8.25
Chipotle Steak Melt – Footlong $11.50
Chicken Schnitzel – 6 inch $8.25
Chicken Schnitzel – Footlong $11.50
Roast Beef – 6 inch $6.95
Roast Beef – Footlong $9.95
Leg Ham – 6 inch $5.95
Leg Ham – Footlong $8.95
Carved Turkey – 6 inch $7.25
Carved Turkey – Footlong $10.25
Italian B.M.T. – 6 inch $7.25
Italian B.M.T. – Footlong $10.25
Pizza Melt – 6 inch $5.95
Pizza Melt – Footlong $8.95
Smashed Falafel – 6 inch $7.25
Smashed Falafel – Footlong $10.25
Veggie Patty – 6 inch $6.95
Veggie Patty – Footlong $9.95
Veggie Delite – 6 inch $5.95
Veggie Delite – Footlong $8.95
Tuna & Mayo – 6 inch $6.95
Tuna & Mayo – Footlong $9.95
Chicken Strips – 6 inch $7.95
Chicken Strips – Footlong $10.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Bacon – 6 inch $1.20
Bacon – Footlong $2.40
Double Meat – 6 inch $2.00
Double Meat – Footlong $4.00
Avocado – 6 inch $1.20
Avocado – Footlong $2.40
Double Cheese – 6 inch $0.60
Double Cheese – Footlong $1.20
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Smashed Falafel wrap $7.25
Chicken Teriyaki wrap $7.95
Carved Turkey wrap $7.25
Add Gluten-free Wrap $1.00
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Subway Platters (from) $45.00
Wrap Platters (from) $45.00
12 Cookie Platter $9.90
36 Cookie Platter $29.00
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Soft Drink 390ml Bottle $3.50
Water 750ml $4.50
Cookie x1 $1.20
Cookie x2 $3.00
Cookie x3 $5.50
Toastie – Cheesy Garlic – 2 pieces $2.90
Toastie – Garlic & Herb – 2 pieces $2.90
Toastie – Avocado – 2 pieces $2.90
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Chicken Teriyaki salad – regular $8.20
Chicken Teriyaki salad – large $11.80
Smashed Falafel salad – regular $7.70
Smashed Falafel salad – large $11.80
Veggie Delite salad – regular $6.20
Veggie Delite salad – large $9.80

Photos of the Subway Menu Board

The following prices are taken from the Kings Cross store. Prices may be different in your actual location. Please drop us an email if you find prices different in your local area.

Australian Subway menu details

Fast food often gets a bad reputation for being unhealthy, a reputation which Subway turns on its head by offering a light, healthy fast-food alternative to chips and burgers. The first store of this global sandwich chain was established in Bridgeport, Connecticut over 50 years ago by two unlikely business partners: Dr Peter Buck, a nuclear physicist, and college freshman Fred Deluca. Dr Buck invested an initial $1000 into Fred’s submarine sandwich shop, which Fred initially opened as a way to help pay his tuition fees. The sandwich store quickly exploded in scale to more than 44,000 locations across the globe today. Throughout this expansion, the Subway menu has continued to offer its signature submarine sandwiches with an emphasis on providing exceptional service to customers, providing high quality menu items at an affordable price, and making sure that the operations of the chain never stop improving.

The Australian Subway menu prides itself on offering quick, healthy and tasty alternatives to traditional fast food. Each store operates like a well-oiled machine: step into the queue in front of the counter, and start by deciding what type of bread you want. Moving down along the counter, go on to pick a flavor from over 20 different choices, then choose the vegetables and sauces you would like to finish up the sandwich with. A quick and efficient process which make it easy for customers to get in and get out with their food. Keeping their menu items affordable is also a clear priority for Subway, with prices starting at only $5.95 for a six-inch sandwich and $8.95 for a foot-long. Apart from these sandwiches, Subway also offers salads and wraps made with the same high-quality ingredients, and warm cookies great for finishing your meal on a sweet and satisfying note.

  1. Artika Chand says:

    I ordered 2x footlong salad only and i was charged $23.20 today. Way too expensive and when i questioned the staff they had no idea what i was talking about. I normally order from lysterfield and rowville and i only pay $17 -$18 max for both of them. Way too expensive for salad only, more expensive than what i pay for meat food long.

  2. Damien smith says:

    How much is your tuna wrap
    Small wrap =
    Large wrap =

  3. Susan says:

    How much is the blt sub 6 inch

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