Soul Origin menu prices

Soul Origin menu prices

Here are the latest Soul Origin menu prices, reflective of locations all around Australia. Specializing in salads, sandwiches, and coffee, Soul Origin emphasizes using quality ingredients to craft its diverse menu. Items such as their gourmet wraps, hearty salads, and aromatic coffee blends are testament to their commitment to good food. Ensuring consistent preparation and taste, the brand has garnered a reputation for providing nutritious options for those on the go.

For a closer look at their offerings, refer to the latest menu with prices listed on the page below. Please keep in mind that these are indicative or sample prices only. Prices will vary from location to location. e.g. you can expect to pay more at certain premium locations such as airports and hospitals. How do these Soul Origin menu prices compare with your local store? Drop me a line in the comments section below and let me know.

Soul Origin menu with prices


Salad (pick 2) – Small$9.50
Salad (pick 3) – Regular$11
Salad (pick 4) – Large$12.50


Olive Oil Panini$10.50


Flat White - Small$3.90
Flat White - Medium$4.60
Flat White - Large$5.30
Iced Coffee$6.50
Small Coffee and a Treat$5.00