ShareTea menu prices

ShareTea menu prices

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Cuisine: Asian , Cafe , Drinks , Taiwanese , Tea

ShareTea is the the tea drink sensation from Taiwan that is taking Australia by storm. The ShareTeam menu includes many delicious tea based drinks served up as smoothies, crushes and fruity drink creations.

ShareTea menu prices

Listed below is the full ShareTea menu with updated prices for 2021. These prices are valid for locations throughout Australia.



Fruity drinks

About ShareTea Australia menu

Originally founded in Taiwan in 1992, Sharetea was launched in Australia in the year 2012. From the beginning, Sharetea has been focusing on expanding its global presence through innovation and by promoting a unique tea spirit. They now have 70 outlets in Australia and over 1000 stores worldwide. Currently, their products are sold in 4 continents and 30 countries including the top-notch markets of the USA, Canada, and Singapore. Customers across different cultures admire Sharetea for their fresh teas with a distinctive flavor. Sharetea is renowned for its remarkable quality, excellent service, and customer-centric business approach. They source tea from their own farms in Taiwan and procure other ingredients from reliable vendors in Taiwan and Australia. Considering the global consumption of tea and the demand for organic on-the-go beverages, Sharetea has recognized a potential for growth. They are now looking forward to adding more healthy options to their menu.

The Australian Sharetea menu offers a range of perfect-tasting tea. They are specialized in premium milk tea, fruit-flavored tea, smoothies, crushes, classic milk teas, and natural teas. Their premium milk teas are a special favorite among bubble tea lovers and come with flavors like coffee, chocolate, lychee, mango, strawberry, watermelon, and matcha. The milky delights in their favorites category are dipped in brown sugar syrup and are served with an ice cream topping. Guests can choose from the various fruit options or try out their Tiger Fresh Milk with Oreo. Smoothies and crushes also come with a variety of fruit flavors. The classic milk tea and the natural tea range includes Assam Black, Jasmine Green, Oolong, and Earl Grey Black Tea. For the best savor, you can try out pudding, jelly, or pearl toppings. All their drinks are served hot except smoothies, crushes, and those that are in the favorites category. Sharetea promotes a friendly ambiance with happiness and fun at the forefront. This is the ultimate destination for anyone who wishes to savor a delicious cup of tea while escaping the demands of a busy lifestyle.

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