San Churro menu prices

San Churro menu prices

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Name: San Churro menu prices


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Cuisine: Chocolate , Coffee , Desserts , Spanish

Listed on this page is the San Churro menu for locations throughout Australia.

About the San Churro menu

Everybody loves chocolates. It’s happy food. One night on one of his trips to Europe with his wife, Giro Maurici, the owner, found a chocolateria in Spain that serves the best-tasting chocolate drink and churros he ever had. Churros is a popular version of donuts in Spain, fried in hot oil to create crisp edges while soft and chewy inside with cinnamon sugar dusting. The fun part of eating churro is dipping it into the chocolate to your heart’s content. They were so hooked on the experience that they wanted to bring it to Australia. He spent a lot of time researching and experimenting to come up with a unique product that will click with the masses based on the chocolateria concept they witnessed in Spain. He studied classic churros recipes and couverture chocolate, a bar of high-quality chocolate with solid cocoa ingredients. The first San Churro Chocolateria outlet was opened in 2006 in Melbourne. It was a huge success that it opened the second store within a month. In 2017, San Churro was hailed as the Established Australian Franchisor of the Year with 51 franchise stores.

Chocolateria San Churro offers a wide variety of Spanish-inspired desserts and snacks using premium chocolates that take years to get the perfect taste. They also serve ice cream, fondues, and shakes. You should get Spanish Hot Chocolate that is so thick and chocolatey paired with hot churros. Best-selling items on the menu include Churros Poco and Chocolate Tapa that taste so good and fresh you’re like eating chocolates fresh from the cocoa field. You should not forget to order items that have Ruby chocolate in them, or you will be missing half of your life. It’s a special kind of chocolate only San Churro has. They also serve vegan cookie butter and other vegan items for vegetarian customers. San Churro is a sinful indulgence for all chocolate lovers, and it’s a good place to hang-out with friends while enjoying the yummy chocolate desserts you’re like in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

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