Salt Meats Cheese menu prices

Salt Meats Cheese menu prices

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Name: Salt Meats Cheese menu prices


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Cuisine: Italian , Restaurant

Salts Meats Cheese is a quality Italian restaurant chain with store locations throughout NSW and QLD. The Salts Meats Cheese menu is traditionally Italian, while at the same time introducing some new and fresh dining options. In addition to delicious Italian food, each store also offers related retail products and cooking classes.

Salt Meats Cheese menu prices

Below are some indicative prices from the menu. Please note that there are slight menu variations across each Salt Meats Cheese store. Please check the downloads section on this page for links to download the full menu in each individual store location.


  • Focaccia Bread = $9
  • Marinated Italian Olives = $7
  • Saffron Arancini = $16
  • Calamari Fritti = $19
  • Salumi served with Pickled Vegetables = $10
  • Formaggi served with Crackers = $11


  • Lamb Ragu Pappardell = $26
  • Crab Taliolini = $26
  • Gnocchi Al Funghi = $24
  • Pesto Casarecce = $23


  • Market Fish = $Market Price
  • Beef Alla Vaccinara = $30


  • Margherita = $16
  • Buffalo = $23
  • Diavola = $24
  • Vegetariana = $24
  • Meat Lovers = $26
  • Prosciutto = $25
  • Super Truffle Bros = $24
  • Quattro Formaggi = $24
  • Capricciosa = $25
  • Pescatora = $25
  • Calzone = $24




About Salt Meats Cheese

Salts Meats Cheese is a family-owned Italian Restaurant in Italy. In 2019, the cousins Stefano de Blasi and Edoardo Perlo founded the first Salts Meats Cheese in Sydney. The restaurant serves classic Italian dishes with a twist of Italian taste. The 240 sqm place is located on the ground floor of The Lighthouse by Meriton. Salts Meats Cheese has an open kitchen where customers can see a large pizza oven and a bar. The venue is big it can accommodate up to 120 persons. The owners wanted a restaurant that can serve a large group of people like the one they have in Italy. The Italian resto is known for its traditional Italian food like woodfire pizzas, kinds of pasta, and antipasto. The restaurants only use locally made ingredients to ensure quality and freshness. They also supply authentic Italian produce to local hotels and restaurants in the area. The goal of the owners is to give customers the Italian taste and experience in Australia.

Salt Meets Cheese menu items include a variety of pasta, pizza, Italian cocktails, and desserts. Food and beverages are all served Italian style. They have dishes like Crab Tagliolini, Balmain Bugs, Amatriciana, and Rotolo Gratin. Pizza lovers can choose assorted toppings of capricciosa, proscuitto, margherita, buffalo and vegies. They also make gluten-free pizza made with dairy-free gorgonzola for vegetarian customers. Salts Meats Cheese offers a group setting for group dining naming it Fiesta Italiano, Boun Appetito, and Eat Grande. One popular item to customers is the Buratta which is made of a snow-white orb with mozzarella and filled with stracciatella and cream. They also have carbonara spaghetti with burrata and a mortadella pizza which has whole cheese, deli ham, and deep-fry buratta. Another must-try dish is their antipasto platter, the prociullo pizza, and mushroom gnocchi. Salts Meats Cheese is a must-go restaurant if you want spectacular Italian food dining.

Salt Meats Cheese PDF Menu Downloads

The menu options at each location differ slightly. To find the exact menu items and menu prices as your local Salts Meats Cheese restaurant, download the PDF Menu closest to where you live:

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