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Rolld menu prices

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Cuisine: Asian , Healthy , Vietnamese

The Rolld menu contains a selection of healthy Vietnamese foods, with menu prices starting at $4.20 for a rice paper roll.

One of the most popular items on the Rolld menu is their Soldiers, which are their version of the traditional Vietnamese rice paper rolls. These rolls are particularly delicous with one of the complimentary sauces that comes with each rice paper roll. The spicy hoisin sauce is one of the most popular sauces on the Rolld Vietnamese menu.

Australian Rolld menu prices

Listed on this page is the Rolld menu for locations throughout Australia.

The prices on this page were taken during August 2022:

Rice Paper Roll prices

BBQ Chicken rice paper roll $4.20
Pork & Prawn rice paper roll $4.20
Barramundi & Avocado rice paper roll $4.20
Garlic Prawn rice paper roll $4.20
Lemongrass Beef rice paper roll $4.20
Poached Chicken Breast & Avocado rice paper roll $4.20
Soft Shell Crab rice paper roll $4.70
Roast Duck rice paper roll $4.70
Tofu [V] rice paper roll $4.20
Low Carb Tofu [V] rice paper roll $4.20
Low Carb Barramundi rice paper roll $4.20
Low Carb Poached Chicken Breast rice paper roll $4.20

Baguette prices

BBQ Chicken baguette $9.50
Roast Pork & Crackling baguette $9.50
Roast Pork Belly baguette $9.50
Lemongrass Beef baguette $9.50
Tofu [V] baguette $9.50
Extra Meat in your baguette $2.50

Noodle Soup prices

Sliced Rare Beef soup $12.50
Shredded Chicken soup $12.50
Mixed beef & chicken soup $12.50
Seafood soup $13.50
Mushroom & tofu soup [V] $12.50
Extra meat in your soup $2.50

Salad prices

Poached Chicken Breast salad $11
Lemongrass Beef salad $11
Pork & Prawn salad $11
Roast Pork Belly salad $11
Prawn salad $11
Toful salad [V] $11
Extra meat in your salad $2.50

Steamed Bun prices

BBQ Chicken steamed bun $4.90
Lemongrass Beef steamed bun $4.90
Roast Pork Belly steamed bun $5.50
Crispy Prawn steamed bun $4.90
Roast Pork & Crackling steamed bun $4.90
Roast Duck steamed bun $5.50
Tofu [V] steamed bun $4.90

Photos of the Rolld Takeout Menu

Below is a copy of the takeout menu from which you can select rice paper rolls, viet baguette, classic viet soup, viet salad, steamed buns, noodle salad, or a variety of different sides. Of course, all of these items are available for purchase in-store as well.

Rolld In-Store Menu Board

Here are some pictures of the in-store menu board at the Rolld Westfields Sydney store:

Rolld Grilled Chicken in Lemongrass and Chilli

This menu item is described as: an aromatic blend of lemongrass, capsicum, onion and chilli infused chicken. Served on either Jasmine or brown rice, with a crisp mixed salad and fried shallots, topped with fresh corriander and mint. The menu cost for this dish is $13.50 AUD.

Rolld Meal Deals

Rolld currently have x2 different meal deals on offer:

  • Ban Down – x2 Bao steamed buns + x1 water = $9.90
  • Soldier Box – x3 Soldiers (rice paper rolls) + x1 water = $13.90

Rolld Iced Coffee

Rolld makes delicous Vietnamese style iced coffee drinks costing $3.90 each.

About the Australian Roll’d stores

Roll’d founder Bao Hoang was inspired by the simple desire to share the flavors of his mother’s traditional Vietnamese home cooking with the world. He opened the first location with two friends and business partners, Ray Esquieres and Tin Ly, in Melbourne’s CBD in 2012, and today the restaurant chain has grown to become Australia’s largest Vietnamese food franchise with over 85 stores across six different states. Their success has come about from a focus on providing great food and memorable experiences to customers, with the Roll’d menu highlighting the lively and fresh nature of Vietnamese street food. Customers order food which is prepared speedily and efficiently from high quality ingredients right in front of them, providing a unique dining experience. And they come back because of how fresh, fast and convenient that each of Roll’d’s huge variety of menu items is designed to be.

The signature item on the Roll’d menu are their Soldiers, Roll’d’s take on the traditional Vietnamese rice paper roll. Think of one as a sushi roll, except made with rice paper instead of sushi rice and seaweed. Created to be conveniently eaten on the go, you can pick your choice of filling from a vast range of 12 different meat, seafood and vegetarian options such as BBQ Chicken, Softshell Crab and Tofu. Other menu items include Vietnamese street food staples such as the classic Banh Mi, or Vietnamese Baguette sandwich, and Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. There are also rice plates, salad bowls and Vietnamese steamed buns filled with juicy meat and vegetables. Like with the Soldiers, for each one of these dishes you get to pick your choice of filling from a huge range of protein choices, meaning that you will never run out of new dishes to try here. Check out your nearest Roll’d for an amazing Vietnamese food experience you won’t forget!

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