Roll’d menu prices

Roll’d menu prices

The latest Roll’d menu with prices features some of the very best Vietnamese rice paper rolls. All of the food here is made fresh every day from high quality ingredients. Not only is the food fresh, but it’s also really tasty. So if you’re trying to get healthy like me, then you’re going to love Roll’d. My favourite is the lemongrass beef rice paper roll. I also tried the BBQ Chicken baguette for the first time when I visited here recently … and loved it! Let me know in the comments section below which is your favourite Roll’d menu item, and at which store have you dined recently.

With consistent preparation techniques and a dedication to taste and quality, Roll’d has become a go-to spot for many Aussies seeking a quick, healthy and tasty meal. For more information on their offerings, check out the latest Roll’d menu with prices listed on the page below.

Roll'd menu with prices


BBQ Chicken$4.20
Pork and Prawn$4.20
Barramundi and Avocado$4.20
Garlic Prawn$4.20
Lemongrass Beef$4.20
Poached Chicken Breast and Avocado$4.20
Low Carb Poached Chicken Breast$4.20
Tofu [V]$4.20
Low Carb Tofu [V]$4.20
Low Carb Barramundi$4.20
Soft Shell Crab$4.70


BBQ Chicken baguette$11
Roast Pork & Crackling baguette$11
Lemongrass Beef baguette$11
Tofu [V] baguette$11d>
Vegan Lemongrass Chilli 'Chicken' baguette$11
Vietnamese Shaking Beef$12


Sliced Rare Beef Pho$13.50
Poached Chicken Pho$13.50
Mixed Beef and Chicken Pho$13.50
Mushroom and Tofu Pho$13.50
Seafood Pho$13.50
Spicy Beef BBH$13.50
Chicken Curry$13.50
Prawn Dumplings and BBQ Pork$13.50


BBQ Chicken noodle salad$13.50
Lemongrass Beef noodle salad$13.50
Home Style Pork Spring Rolls noodle salad$13.50
Roast Pork and Crackling noodle salad$13.50
Crispy Chicken Ribs noodle salad$13.50
Tofu and Vegetables Spring Rolls noodle salad$13.50


Poached Chicken Breast Vietnamese salad$13
Lemongrass Beef Vietnamese salad$13
Pork and Prawn Vietnamese salad$13
Prawn Vietnamese salad$13
Toful Vietnamese salad [V]$13


BBQ Chicken steamed bun$5.50
Roast Pork & Crackling steamed bun$5.50
Lemongrass Beef steamed bun$5.50
Flaming Prawn steamed bun$5.50
Roast Duck steamed bun$5.50
Tofu [V] steamed bun$5.50


Vietnamese Shaking Beef$13.50
Lemongrass Chilli Chicken$13.50
Vegan Lemongrass Chilli 'Chicken' rice bowl$13.50
Uncle's Best Fried Rice with Pork rice bowl$13.50
Uncle's Best Fried Rice with Prawn rice bowl$13.50
Uncle's Best Fried Rice with BBQ Pork rice bowl$13.50
BBQ Chicken rice bowl$13.50
Lemongrass Beef rice bowl$13.50
Toful and Vegetables Spring Rolls rice bowl$13.50
Home Style Pork Spring Rolls rice bowl$13.50
Roast Pork and Crackling rice bowl$13.50
Crispy Chicken Ribs rice bowl$13.50


Spring Rolls (pork, seafood, vegetable) + Drink$6.00
Crab Crackers + Drink$6.00
Sweet Potato Fries + Drink$6.00
Rice Paper Rolls + Drink$6.00
Flaming Prawns + Drink$6.00
Chicken Ribs + Drink$6.00