Red Rooster menu prices

Red Rooster menu prices

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Name: Red Rooster menu prices


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Cuisine: Chicken , Fast Food , Take Away

Red Rooster are widely regarded in Australia as been the piorneer of top quality take-away chicken meals. Their Australian Red Rooster menu is heavily featured with chicken food items.

Here is the latest Red Rooster menu for July 2022 with prices:

Shared Meal prices

Fried Chicken Pack $39.95
Rooster Feed $44.95
Chicken & Wing Meal $32.95
Reds Burger Pack $38.95
Bid Reds Feast $54.95
Aussie Favourite $32.99
Wholesome Roast $38.99

Burgers, Rolls and Wraps prices

Reds Burger $9.95
Hellfire Burger $9.49
Double Hellfire Burger $12.99
BBQ Burger $10.95
Rooster Roll $9.50
Rippa Roll $9.49
Bacon & Cheese Rippa $10.99
Roast Chicken a& Gravy Roll $10.99
Flayva $9.49
Triple Cheese Burger $10.95

Sides and Snack

Onion Rings $3.00
Cheesy Nuggets $9.00
Chicken Nuggets $7.95
Buttermilk Wings $3.95
Chicken Pops $8.99
Chips $5.69

Kids Meals

Chicken Pops Kids Meal $6.55
Cheeseburger Kids Meal $9.85
Cheesy Nuggest Kids Meal $9.85
Nuggets Kids Meal $13.15

Information about the Red Rooster chicken brand

Red Rooster is a home-grown Australian fast food chicken franchise, with the first store of this chain opening all the way back in 1972 in Perth. Since then, it has expanded to over 345 locations across the country with the Red Rooster menu today still continuing to specialize in all things chicken. Their restaurants are available for dine-in, takeaway and delivery, and they also serve breakfast, giving customers the convenience of being able to enjoy some of their famous chicken in whichever way they want, any time of the day. Originally dedicated to serving roast chicken, the Red Rooster menu has expanded to include various sandwiches, burgers and even fried chicken options at certain locations, with new menu items being rolled out all the time. This chain prides themselves as leaders in roast chicken delivery, and with almost five decades of successful experience doing so under its belt, it’s not hard to see why.

Red Rooster originated as a takeaway shop dedicated to roast chicken, serving what they claim as the “tastiest, most tender delicious seasoned roast chicken” and they continue to offer a wide variety of roast chicken meals today. One of their most iconic meals is the Classic Tropicana, which pairs their tender, seasoned roast chicken with chips, two juicy deep-fried pineapple fritters, and a soft drink. Other sides offered on the Red Rooster menu include Garlic Bread, Onion Rings, Roast Veg Medley and Peas, all of which go perfectly with their roast chicken. Fried chicken options are also available, such as the Nuggets, Buttermilk Wings and Chicken Pops. If you prefer your chicken in a bun, there are also various burgers and wraps filled with your choice of pulled roast chicken or crispy chicken patty. Finally, finish the meal on a satisfying note with a Goey Chocolate Cake or Chocolate Mousse from their dessert selection.

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    Do you still do a chicken roast dinner meal for family all for one with gravy?

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