Red Rooster menu prices

Red Rooster menu prices

On this page you can find the latest Red Rooster menu prices for store locations throughout Australia. Did you know that this famous Aussie chicken shop originated as a takeaway shop dedicated to roast chicken, serving what they claim as the “tastiest, most tender delicious seasoned roast chicken” and they continue to offer a wide variety of roast chicken meals today. One of their most iconic meals is the Classic Tropicana, which pairs their tender, seasoned roast chicken with chips, two juicy deep-fried pineapple fritters, and a soft drink.

Other sides offered on the menu include Garlic Bread, Onion Rings, Roast Veg Medley and Peas, all of which go perfectly with their roast chicken. Fried chicken options are also available, such as the Nuggets, Buttermilk Wings and Chicken Pops. If you prefer your chicken in a bun, there are also various burgers and wraps filled with your choice of pulled roast chicken or crispy chicken patty. Feeling hungry yet? Check out the latest Red Rooster menu prices and get into your local store today to sample some yummy chicken goodness.

Red Rooster menu with prices

Burgers, Rolls & Wraps

Menu ItemSingleMeal - Small
Reds Burger $8.75 $15.96
Spicy Burger $8.75 $15.96
Picklebird Burger $9.85 $17.06
BBQ Bacon Burger $9.85 $17.06
Flayva Wrap $9.85 $15.96
Rippa Roll $9.85 $15.96
Salad Roll $9.85 $15.96
Rooster Roll $8.75 $16.18

Shared Meals

Burger Pack $35.15
Fried Pack $34.05
Reds Hot Fried Pack $34.95
Rooster Feed $38.45
Big Feast $50.55