Pizza Riviera menu prices

Pizza Riviera menu prices

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Name: Pizza Riviera menu prices


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Cuisine: Italian , Pizza

Listed on this page is the Pizza Riviera menu for locations throughout Australia.

Pizza Riviera menu prices

In business for over 22 years, the Italian owner of Pizza Riviera Frank Gugliemino boasts that his very first customer, who patronized the store back in 1989, still remains a loyal customer today. Pay a visit to this old-school pizza and pasta place the next time you happen to be in Townsville, and find out why. Pizza Riviera puts a clear emphasis on making sure customers leave satisfied, and points to that as the secret of their success. They boldly claim to only make pizzas and pasta which they are proud of eating themselves, created from original family recipes and fresh ingredients. Today, they are known as “the original and the best” pizza and pasta makers in Townsville, with two locations in the city and an army of loyal customers. Both locations are open seven days a week, and everything on the menu is available for takeaway and delivery as well.

The signature draw at Pizza Riviera is, of course, its pizzas. There is a wide range of different flavors available, with many of the usual favorites such as the Hawaiian, Aussie and Meat Lovers pizzas on the menu. If you’re unsure what to get, try ordering the Extra Special, which comes with a huge variety of nine different meat and vegetable toppings, giving you a little bit of everything. Pizzas can also be ordered “half-half” style, perfect for when you and your friends can’t seem to agree on a pizza flavor. And despite its name, the pastas at Pizza Rivera are incredibly popular with customers as well. Made with the same dedication and high-quality ingredients as the pizzas, try out their Arabiato, Diablo and Marinara pastas for a spicy kick, or the Bolognaise, Carbonara and Lasagna for some classic Italian comfort food.

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