Pizza Hut menu prices

Pizza Hut menu prices

Take a look at the latest Pizza Hut menu with prices, valid for all store locations across Australia. It featues a wide range of pizza, pasta, wings and sides, all customizable with a huge variety of different flavors. There are over 20 different pizza topping combinations, and that’s without getting into the five different types of crust that you can select. Their signature crispy deep-fried wings come either bone-in or boneless with eight different sauces from the classic smoky BBQ to the hot Peri-Peri sauce.

And if you want a change from ordering pizza and wings all the time, their baked pasta range is a delicious options with flavours such as Creamy Chicken Alfredo and Homestyle Beef Lasagna.Keep an eye out for special offers when ordering as they’re updated regularly, and offer a great way to save off your next order. Here are the latest Pizza Hut Australia menu prices:

Pizza Hut menu with prices

Pizza - Premium

Menu ItemMediumLarge
Surf & Turf pizza $23.00 $26.00
Creamy Chicken & Bacon pizza $22.50 $25.50
Creamy Garlic Prawn pizza $18.45 $21.45
Butcher's Block pizza $23.00 $26.00
Vegan Deluxe pizza $18.45 $21.45
Garlic Prawn pizza $18.45 $21.45
Hot & Spicy Chicken pizza $18.45 $21.45
BBQ Chicken pizza $18.45 $21.45

Pizza - Loaded

Menu ItemMediumLarge
Smoky Chicken & Bacon pizza $23.00 $26.00
Super Supreme pizza $16.45 $19.45
Hot & Spicy Veggie pizza $16.45 $19.45
Vegan Mediterranean pizza $18.45 $21.45
Mega Meatlovers pizza $23.00 $26.00
Ultimate Hot & Spicy pizza $16.45 $19.45

Pizza - Favourites

Menu ItemMediumLarge
BBQ Meatlovers pizza $16.45 $19.45
Veggie Sensation pizza $16.45 $19.45
Pepperoni Lovers pizza $13.45 $14.45
Hawaiian pizza $16.45 $19.45
BBQ Beef pizza $13.45 $14.45
Chicken Supreme pizza $16.45 $19.45

Pizza - Classics

Menu ItemMediumLarge
BBQ Cheeseburger pizza $16.45 $19.45
Ham Lovers pizza $13.45 $14.45
Margherita pizza $13.45 $14.45
Vegan Margherita pizza $13.45 $14.45
Vegan Cheese Lovers pizza $13.45 $14.45