Pizza Capers menu prices

Pizza Capers menu prices

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Name: Pizza Capers menu prices

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Cuisine: Fast Food , Pizza , Take Away

The Pizza Capers menu features a large range of traditional and speciality type pizzas. Their menu also contains kids pizzas, sides, garlic breads and drinks. Stores are predominantly located in and around Brisbane, Queensland.

Pizza Capers menu prices

Listed below is the Pizza Capers menu with latest prices for 2021.

  • Chicken pizza – small = $15.95
  • Chicken pizza – large = $19.95
  • Meat pizza – small = $15.95
  • Meat pizza – large = $19.95
  • Seafood pizza – small = $17.95
  • Seafood pizza – large = $21.95
  • Vegetarian pizza – small = $13.95
  • Vegetarian pizza – large = $17.95

About Pizza Capers gourmet kitchen

Pizza Capers is one of Australia’s most well-known pizza chains, with over 110 stores located across the country. They have won a huge amount of awards and recognition over the years, proof of their claim to serve pizzas made with “premium ingredients, gourmet flavors and generous toppings”. As a chain pizzeria with origins in Australia, they continue to celebrate quality local produce by using market-fresh vegetables and meat grass-raised in Australian fields, and it is this insistence on premium native ingredients along with their years of love and experience in making pizza which has led to their continued success today. The gourmet pizzas on the Pizza Capers menu are definitely a step up from your usual chain store fare, and if you happen to live within delivery distance of one of their stores, largely collected in the Brisbane, Queensland area, consider giving them a shot next time you’re in the mood for some pizza.

The Pizza Capers menu is dominated by over 25 different gourmet pizza flavors. There are some all-time favorites in the Traditional Pizzas section, such as the BBQ Chicken and Margherita flavors, but the true stars of the show are the Capers Collection Pizzas, featuring pizzas with inventive names and even crazier flavor combinations like the Lamb-AA-Gini pizza, which is roast lamb with roast potatoes, mushrooms, onions and camembert, and the Reef and Beef pizza with made with premium beef, cajun prawns and generous rashers of bacon. The classic pizza accompaniments are all present as well, with various types of bread, salad and wings available. And If you’re bored of pizza, give their pastas a try, especially the Salmon Carbonara which offers a seafood twist to an Italian comfort food classic. End the meal with one of Pizza Caper’s famous Hot Apple Crunch Pizzas, which is sweet and sticky apple pie filling served piping hot on a pizza base.

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