PappaRich menu prices

PappaRich menu prices

Satisfy your tastebuds by checking out the latest PappaRich menu prices, for all store locations right across Australia (NSW, QLD, VIC, etc.). is serving authentic, delicious Malaysian cuisine to the Australian market. All the food is made and prepared with carefully selected and fresh ingredients following the original recipes of PappaRich Malaysia to retain the flavor and taste. The chef experimented and enhanced the menu to create new recipes to suits Australian tastes. Aside from the great food, the restaurant also offers brewed coffee blended with local gourmet beans to their loyal customers.

There’s something for everyone at PappaRich, choose from: vegetarian dim sum, briyani, nasi lemak with vegetarian mutton curry which is their specialty. The restaurant has more than 20 Malaysian beverages to offers like Pappa cham, Riberia melon, and soy milk pudding to name some. Their must-try food items are Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken, Wat Tam Hor, Roti Canai, Pappa Asam Laksa, Milo Dinosaur, and Teh Tarik, PapaRich’s best-selling dessert. Click the following link to download the full PappaRich menu prices in pdf format.

PappaRich menu with prices


Curry Puff4.5
Pappa Deep Fried Chicken Skin8.9
Chicken Skewers10.9
Chips & Nuggets10.9
Nuggets only6.9
Chips only6.9
Dumplings - prawn6.5
Dumplings - chicken6.5
Dumplings - crispy prawn wonton6.5
Dumplings - lo mai kai7.9


Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce17.9
Sambal Spinach (kang kung)18.9


Roti Canai - Curry Chicken15.9
Roti Canai - Beef Rendang18.9
Roti Canai - Vegetarian Curry Mutton16.9
Roti Canai - Roti Special12.9
Roti Canai - Roti Canai with sauces9.9
Roti Canai - Roti Canai only5.9
Roti Jala - 3pcs - chicken curry11.9
Roti Jala - 5pcs - chicken curry14.9
Roti Jala - 3pcs - curry sauce7.9


Butter & Kaya sandwich7.5
Hainan Toast4.9
2 Half Boiled Egg4.9


Nasi Lemak - curry chicken & sambal prawns19.5
Nasi Lemak - fried chicken17.5
Nasi Lemak - curry chicken17.5
Nasi Lemak - beef rendang19.5
Nasi Lemak - nasi lemak bungkus6.9
Nasi Goreng - fried chicken19.5
Nasi Goreng - curry chicken19.5
Nasi Goreng - beef rendang19.5
Chicken Rice - hainanese steamed chicken on rice17.5


Curry Laksa - chicken17.5
Curry Laksa - vegetables17.5
Curry Laksa - seafood19.9
Dry Egg Noodles - steamed chicken17.5
Dry Egg Noodles - curry chicken17.5
Dry Egg Noodles - minced chicken17.5
Fish Noodles - curry fish fillet20.9
Fish Noodles - curry fish head20.9
Pappa Beef Noodles - dry beef noodles15.9
Pappa Beef Noodles - dry beef noodles with soup19.5
Pappa Beef Noodles - beef soup noodles19.5
Soup Noodles - pan mee soup17.5
Soup Noodles - wontons & fishballs soup noodles17.5




Nasi Lemak with Vegetarian Curry Mutton17.5
Vegetarian Char Koay Teow17.5


Char Koay Teow17.5
Mixed Noodles Char Koay Teow17.5
Wat Tan Hor17.5
Crispy Egg Noodles17.5
Mee Goreng17.5
Hokkien Fried Beef Hor Fun with Gravy18.5
Beef Wat Tan Hor18.5


Curry Chicken7.9
Fried Chicken7.9
Steamed Chicken8.5
Beef Rendang9.5
Fried Egg3.0
Vegetarian Curry Mutton7.9


White Coffee5.5
Lemon Tea with honey5.5
Lemon Tea5.5
Teh Tarik milk tea5.5
Milo Dinasaur6.9
Mango Freezy5.5
Lychee Freezy5.5
Coffee Frappe5.9
Chocolate Frappe5.9
Coke No Sugar5.5
Coke No Sugar5.5
Diet Coke5.5
Spring Water5.5
Soft Serve - Teh Tarik4.9
Soft Serve - Extra Boba0.6
Coffee - Cappuccino$2
Coffee - Latte$2
Coffee - Flat White$2
Coffee - Espresso$2
Coffee - Long Black$2