Pancakes On The Rocks menu prices

Pancakes On The Rocks menu prices

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Name: Pancakes On The Rocks menu prices

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Cuisine: Desserts , Pancakes , Restaurant

Pancakes On The Rocks is the original pancake restaurant in Sydney. As you would expect, the Pancakes On The Rocks features classic pancake stacks as their signature dish. They also serve a wide variety of salads, pizza, and items from the grill for those that want to supplement their pancake fix.

Pancakes On The Rocks menu prices

Listed below is the complete Pancakes On The Rocks menu, with the latest prices as of 2021.

Classic Pancakes

  • Cinnamon Swirl = $14.95
  • The Ultimate = $15.95
  • Devils Delight = $16.95
  • Macadamia Madness = $14.95
  • Hot ‘N’ Troppo = $15.95
  • Black Forest Cherry = $16.95
  • Rasberry & White Chocolate = $15.95
  • Devonshite Pancakes = $7.95
  • Famous Pancake Stack – single = $4.95
  • Famous Pancake Stack – short = $7.95
  • Famous Pancake Stack – regular = $8.95
  • Famous Pancake Stack – long = $9.95

About Pancakes On The Rocks restaurant

Pancakes On The Rocks is an American-style restaurant chain based in Australia. It was founded in 1975 where its first store was opened on Hickson Road at The Rocks in Sydney. It all started with a bunch of adventurous Australians who were touring across America in the late 1950s. They realized the love for pancakes that Americans had and were passionate to induce the same pancake cravings to the Australian food culture. Together, in 1965 they initiated their first restaurant in Adelaide. Soon after they opened another outlet in Victoria. However, the founding partners split with Roger Meadmore moving to Sydney, where he established Pancakes on the Rocks. In 1994, a range of new items was added to the menu. Presently, they have a network of 6 locations throughout New South Wales and Queensland. Their success is attributed mostly to the high-quality food and their efficient service. Catering to the increasing demand, Pancakes on the Rocks aspires to launch more outlets in Australia and beyond.

These guys are an Australian-based family restaurant with a casual setting. The Pancakes On The Rocks menu is famous for their appetizing pancakes that come in a variety of flavors including peanut butter, blueberry, raspberry, cinnamon, Nutella, and more. At Pancakes on the Rocks, there is so much for you to feast on all throughout the day. For breakfast, they serve pancakes with eggs and sausages. When it comes to starters, guests have a selection of nachos, calamari, potato wedges, and chips. While pancakes are the star of their menu, they serve a gamut of other alternatives including crepes, salads, pizzas, and grilled food including the famous pork ribs, and beef ribs. They also have a set of gluten-free and veggie options. For drinks, choose from among their lengthy menu of cold and hot options, that feature shakes, juice, mocktails, tea, and coffee. Or else, you can try out some cocktails, beer, wine, or spirits. Pancakes on the Rocks have a special menu for kids, where all dishes come with crazy names and an appealing garnish. Their restaurants feature a rustic theme mingled with contemporary elegance. Embellished with dark wood and metal chairs, there is an abundance of space at Pancakes on the Rocks for guests to enjoy their dishes peacefully. Whether you are after sweets or savories, there is something to match your taste at Pancakes on the Rocks.

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