Pancake Parlour menu prices

Pancake Parlour menu prices

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Name: Pancake Parlour menu prices


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Cuisine: Cakes , Desserts

Listed on this page is the Pancake Parlour menu for locations throughout Australia.

Pancake Parlour menu and prices

The Pancake Parlour is a family-owned pancake house, and it is the brainchild of Roger Meadmore, Allen Trachsel, and Helen Trachsel. It was incepted on May 15, 1965, and opened its first outlet in Gilbert Palace, Adelaide. Due to its sweet and tasty homemade pancakes and crepes, the business boomed, and they have become extremely popular, especially within the Victorian area. More than half a century of existence doesn’t just happen. And its 56-year history is a testament to the quality of their food and how they take care of their guest. As a result, Pancake Parlour has become an icon and household name in Melbourne. In 1969, the family managing the restaurant decided to branch out and open new outlets. One of their first branches is put up in Market Lane. As of today, they currently have 11 active pancake houses spread across the state of Victoria, including its founding restaurant in Adelaide.

The Pancake Parlour’s menu includes it’s signature pancakes and crepes which have put the restaurant on the map. The pancakes, in particular, are best remembered for their short stack servings that are topped with syrup and a giant ball of cheese. And let’s not forget the unicorn shake as a compliment. And despite its years of existence, some of its pancakes still use the same ingredients and preparation up to this day! And to cater to the tastes of younger generations, they have infused some of its traditional methods with a more modern technique. Aside from their popular pancakes and crepes, they also serve other delectable and savory dishes like salads, fish, and chicken options. And yes, their menu may not suit all lifestyles, like people on a specific diet or advocating a healthier type of living. Although diet programs and health movements are sprouting here and there, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in your sweet cravings once in a while, right?

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