Oliver Brown menu prices

Oliver Brown menu prices

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Name: Oliver Brown menu prices

Phone: (02) 9898 0360

Website: https://oliverbrown.com.au

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Cuisine: Cafe , Cakes , Chocolate , Coffee

Oliver Brown is a gourmet dessert store serving some of the most delicious belgian chocolate creations. The Oliver Brown menu also includes some great coffee and tea to perfectly compliment the many chocoloate inspired items on the menu.

Oliver Brown menu prices:

Listed below are details of the curren Oliver Brown menu with updated prices for 2021:

Hot Chocolate menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Hot Chocolate $5.90
Crunchy Balls Hot Chocolate $6.40
Mint Hot Chocolate $6.4
Coconut Hot Chocolate $6.40
Whipped Cream Hot Chocolate/td> $6.40
Belgian Mocha $6.40
Affogato $11

Note: the prices listed above are for the Regular size. The Large size are all $6 – $6.90 each in this range.

Coffee menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Long Black $4
Latte $4
Flat White $4
Cappuccino $4
Chai Latte $4
Green Tea Latte $4
Macchiato $4
Piccolo Latte $4

Note: the prices listed above are for the Regular size. The Large size are all from $4.50 each in this range.

Loose Leaf Tea menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Green Tea $4.50
English Breakfast $4.50
Earl Grey $4.50
Peppermint $4.50
Chamomile $4.50
Jasmine $4.50
Rooibos $4.50

Iced Drinks menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Iced Chocolate $7.50
Iced Mocha $7.90
Iced Choc Banana $7.90
Iced Choc Coconut $7.90
Iced Choc Mojito $7.90
Sneaky Snickers $7.90
Pink Choc $7.90
Cookies & Cream $7.90
Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie $7.90
Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie $7.90
Iced Green Tea Latte $7.50
Iced Chai Latte $7.50
Iced Latte $6.50
Iced Coffee $7.50
Iced Long Black $5.50
Verry Berry Crush $7.90
Lemon, Lime, and Mint Crush $7.90
Mango Passionfruit Crush $7.90
Passionfruit Crush $7.90
Lychee Crush $7.90
Yuzu Crush $7.90
Thick Shake $7.50
Belgian Chocolate Thick Shake $8.50
Gelato Thick Shake $8.50

Photos from the official Oliver Brown in-store menu

About the Oliver Brown cafe

Oliver Brown is a reputed chocolate cafe chain in Australia. They are specialized in toothsome desserts which they craft using high-quality chocolate imported from Belgium. The story of Oliver Brown goes back to 2009 where two friends were touring in Belgium, exploring every part of the country. They were both passionate food lovers and tried out different food that each city had to offer. They were impressed by the authentic taste of Belgium chocolates and wanted to introduce the same flavors to Australia. They saw a great opportunity and it became the turning point in their lives. The two friends opened their first store in Sydney and then stretched to Brisbane and other parts of Australia. Oliver Brown has evolved over the last 10 years with their super creative treats and now they have over 40 stores. They maintain the same level of standards across all their outlets both in terms of product quality and customer service. They aspire to take their brand to the next level by expanding their footprint across the world.

The Oliver Brown menu is known for its Belgium-inspired desserts, chocolates, and drinks which they serve with an appealing garnish. They have reinvented desserts with unique flavor profiles and their menu features a gamut of chocolate delicacies including crepes, waffles, churros, sundaes, whole chocolates, and fondues. Enliven your feast with some marshmallows, whipped cream, gelato, or strawberries. For drinks, guests have a selection of hot drinks, iced drinks, and shakes that range from milk, white and dark chocolate flavors. They also cater to coffee lovers with cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and more. If you are a tea enthusiast, try out their jasmine or peppermint tea, or else have a fruit crush. Add some extras like almond milk, syrup, and crunchy balls. Do not forget to treat yourself or spoil your loved ones with an exquisite chocolate gift box. Oliver Brown cafes feature a charming design with a relaxing setting. Whether it is for a business meeting, university project, family get together, or just to read a book, customers have the freedom to hang around in their stores as long as they wish. Oliver Brown is the perfect place to satisfy all your sugar cravings at your own comfort.

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