Ogalo menu prices

Ogalo menu prices

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Name: Ogalo menu prices

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Cuisine: Burgers , Chicken

Ogalo serves up Portugue style chicken and burgers. All items on the Ogalo menu are made fresh upon order. The most famous item on their entire menu is the Ogalo classic burger, which features chicken fillet, lettuce, mayo and cheese. For those that like to spice it up, you can add chilli sauce at no extra cost.

Ogalo menu prices

Check out the latest prices below for 2021 for your favourite Ogalo Portuguese chicken burger

Burger menu

  • Ogalo = $9.90
  • Fiesta = $10.90
  • Beef Prego = $10.90
  • Pinegalo = $10.90
  • Jumbo = $10.90
  • Chicken Prego = $10.90
  • O’Veggie = $9.90
  • O’Fish = $9.90

More info about Ogalo

The Portuguese are famed for their delectable marinated chicken barbeque. The way they grill the barbeque brings out the natural flavors of the chicken without making the dish too greasy. And if you’re looking to experience authentic Portuguese chicken barbeque, then you have to try Ogalo! They are an Australian fast-food chain that serves Portuguese cuisines.  They were founded in 1988 by Carlos. Ogalo’s first restaurant was established in Sydney. Of course, their main attraction is their popular homemade chicken barbeque. They are also well-known for their signature chicken burger, which is believed to be the one that has put their restaurant on the map. Carlos’ attention to detail and perseverance enabled him to perfect his recipes. In the following years, the business grew and eventually became the success we know today. Because of its quality food and superb customer service, they have become very popular within the region, and the demand had significantly increased in the past few decades. As a result, they opened 18 more outlets around New South Wales and one on the Northern Territory.

As mentioned, their signature dish on the Ogalo menu is their homemade chicken barbeque and chicken burger. And if it’s your first time visiting their outlet, you got to try these items first before anything else. Other notable specialties on their menu include tortilla wraps, chicken bread rolls, fries, chicken packs, nugget meals, and burger options like the Pinegalo Burger, Chicken Prego Burger Meal, Beef Prego Burgers, and Fiesta Burgers. And if you’re under a specific diet or weight management program, then you would be happy to know that they also offer vegetarian burgers, salads, and chips. Just by referring to the restaurants’ interior design and friendly staff, you can immediately sense that your dining experience with them will be amazing. They also provide takeouts and delivery services for people who are always on-the-go and busy individuals who don’t have time to leave their posts. Also, the price of the food items is very affordable, ranging from $10 to $30 (two servings).

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