Nordburger menu prices

Nordburger menu prices

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Name: Nordburger menu prices


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Cuisine: Burgers , Take Away

Nordburger is burger joint serving a range of classic styled hamburgers. The Nordburger menu features fresh-ground beef on top of a fresh bun. What makes these burgers so tasty and delicious is the flame-grilled burgers, and the unique Nord special sauce. Try one today – you’ll love it.

Nordburger menu prices

Nordburgers are well priced and offer excellent value for money. Listed below are the latest prices from their menu for 2021.

Menu Item Price (AUD)


Nordburger $8.70
Cheeseburger $8.70
Royale $10.90
Bacon-Double $10.90
Big Kahuna $9.60
Hotburger $8.70
Mushroom burger $8.70
Junior $7.90

Photos of real-life Nordburger hamburgers

Fried Chicken

Menu Item Price (AUD)

Chicken Burgers

Chicken Burger $8.90
Spicy Chicken Burger $8.90
Chicken Kahuna $9.80
Chicken Nuggets Basket $9.90




About the Nordburger dining experience

NordBurger’s simple beginnings started in 2013 when Victoria Hillier founded it. Her inspiration for the restaurant is to capture the essence of popular American burger brands like White Castle, Burger King, or In-N-Out. However, she wanted to make her burger chains a lot cleaner and aesthetically pleasing. To accomplish this, she got her brother James Hillier and Adelaide’s top interior designer named Peter Jay Deering, on board. When we think of burger shacks, I bet that most people would immediately associate them with greasy foods being served in a loud, hot, and over-crowded space. However, such a stereotype is not the case with NordBurger. The restaurants’ interior design and its white and faded green motif emit a classy, calm, and inviting environment. As of today, NordBurger has become among the prominent burger franchises in Adelaide that has four chains operating in the same area—Norwood, Frewville, Hindmarsh, and Chinatown. If you’re craving delectable burgers in the heart of the bustling city of Adelaide, then NordBurger is definitely the best place to start with.

Once you enter the premises for the first time, the combination of wood grain, white, gray, and black would give you an impression that you’re in a high-class restaurant or café instead of a burger shack. But what about their burgers, you might ask? Well, as elegant as their restaurants are, you’ll also find that the Nordburger menu is equally pleasing in regards to taste and presentation. In fact, NordBurger was even featured in several publications and dubbed as among the best burgers in South Australia. What makes their menu extra-special from the rest is that the owner aims to prioritize ingredients that are locally-grown in Australia. Probably the restaurant’s bestseller is the NordBurger—this mouthwatering burger is made of fresh ground beef, Nord sauce, Pickle, Mustard, Ketchup, and Lettuce. Other must-try burgers on their menu include the Royale burger, Big Kahuna, Bacon-Double, Cheeseburger, Hot burger, Junior burger, and Sloppy Joe. You can also delight yourself with these chicken meals—chicken kahuna, chicken burger, chicken nuggets basket, and spicy chicken burger.

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