NEWS: McDonald’s – Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus

Here is the latest addition to the McDonalds Winter Warmers menu.

Feeling cold this Aussie winter season ? … then warm up with the all new: Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus burger from McDonald’s.

What is this new creation I hear you ask … well, here’s how Maccas themselves describe it: 100% Aussie Angus juicy beef patty, Aussie Jack cheese, rasher bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, spicy sticky BBQ sauce and McChicken® sauce – served on a gourmet bun.

Here are the current prices for the Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus burger:

  • Burger only = $10.60
  • Small Meal = $14.85
  • Medium Meal = $15.65
  • Large Meal = $16.50

Like most of the burger in the Maccas range, it’s only available after 10.30am.

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Date Posted: 5 July 2023

Categories: McDonalds, News

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