NEWS: Boost Juice – x3 new flavours via Indigiearth

Say hello to our exciting new collaboration, Boost x Indigiearth.

Boost is proud to be partnering with Indigiearth, a wholly-owned, Indigenous Australian business, to deliver 3 new exciting flavours:

  • Finger Lime – Finger lime, mango, tropical juice, mango yoghurt, vanilla yoghurt & ice.
  • Strawberry Gum – Strawberry gum, strawberries, apple juice, strawberry yoghurt, sorbet & ice.
  • Davidson Plum – Davidson plum, pink dragon fruit, raspberries, mango nectar, strawberry yoghurt & ice.

Head into stores to sip on these flavours and experience the incredible campaign artwork created by Ryhia Dank of Nardurna See

You can also click here to view the full Boost Juice menu with prices.

Date Posted: 29 March 2023

Categories: Boost Juice, Juice, News

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