New Zealand Natural menu prices

New Zealand Natural menu prices

New Zealand Natural, a recognized ice-cream brand in Australia, offers a taste experience that celebrates the pristine quality of its namesake’s environment. Prioritizing natural ingredients and authentic flavours, New Zealand Natural’s menu features a range of ice creams that capture the essence of both classic and contemporary tastes. From timeless vanilla and chocolate to unique fruit-infused varieties, the brand ensures a fresh and wholesome approach to its tasty ice-cream creations.

Consistency in quality and taste has positioned New Zealand Natural as a preferred choice for many Aussie ice cream enthusiasts. For an overview of their flavor offerings, check out the latest New Zealand Natural menu prices listed on the page below:

New Zealand Natural menu with prices


1 Scoop (Choose a Cup or Cone)$5.90
2 Scoop$8.40
3 Scoop$10.60
Kid's Scoop$4.90
Take Away Tub - 6 Scoops$24.20
Take Away Tub - 8 Scoops$27.50


Note: choose your frozen yoghurt and fruit to blend together-


Berry Indulgence
Berryfruit sorbet, rasberries, blueberries, strawberry juice blend
$8.40 Regular / $9.40 Large
Cool bananas d'lite ice cream, banana, low fat milk
$8.40 Regular / $9.40 Large
Mango Bongo
mango sorbet, mango pieces, mango juice blend
$8.40 Regular / $9.40 Large


Coco Melon$8.80 regular / $9.00 large
Spiced Orange$8.80 regular / $9.00 large
The Buster$8.80 regular / $9.00 large
Super Green$8.80 regular / $9.00 large
The Tropics$8.80 regular / $9.00 large
Create your own ...$7.70 regular / $8.80 large


Mango Caramel$11.70 regular / $12.80 large
Chocolate Overload$11.70 regular / $12.80 large
Cookies and Cream$11.70 regular / $12.80 large


Acai Bowl$15.40
Frozen Yoghurt Granola$12.80
Fruit Salad - regular$7.00
Fruit Salad - large$8.00
Extra Yoghurt$1.00