Nene Chicken menu prices

Nene Chicken menu prices

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Name: Nene Chicken menu prices


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Cuisine: Beer , Chicken , Korean , Take Away

Nene Chicken is an international chain of fried chicken restaurants with a presence in Australia. It was founded by C H Hyun in 1999, where he established his first store in South Korea. Nene stands for “Yes yes” in the Korean language. The name complements this franchise since Nene Chicken was well received by the people. Nene Chicken’s journey in Australia embarked in 2015 where they initiated their first outlet in Melbourne Central. It was not soon after that they opened 11 other stores across Australia. Today, Nene Chicken has 20 outlets covering the states of Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. They have also expanded their wings to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. Nene Chicken has captured the market with innovation and they are now bustling with an overall network of over 1200 stores. The secret behind their success is the high-quality food and outstanding customer service.

Nene Chicken is one of the thriving fried chicken chains in Australia which is famous for its authentic Korean dishes. People flock here for their succulent chicken that gives a crispy mouthfeel on the outside. Their dishes feature an exotic combination of unique flavors which they have achieved through their signature recipes and specially crafted sauce coatings. Their fried chicken comes in a range of flavors including garlic, chilies, and cheese. For the best savor, you can dip your chicken in their signature Korean sauce. Guests also have a choice of boneless chicken, chicken wingettes, and drumettes. Do not forget to try out their wraps and burgers that come in two flavors, original and kimchi. What’s special about the Nene Chicken menu is that they never freeze the chicken. The enhanced flavor of their fried chicken is due to the 16-hour marination process and their secret batter mix. You can also check out their list of sides including fries, chips, tornado potato, coleslaw, and Korean salad. When it comes to desserts, they have ice cream with two flavors, black sesame, and green tea. Refresh yourself with some orange juice, ice tea, or soft drinks while you embrace the cheerful atmosphere at Nene Chicken outlets. This is the ideal spot to indulge your senses in a whole new Nene experience.

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