Montezumas menu prices

Montezumas menu prices

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Name: Montezumas menu prices


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Cuisine: Family , Mexican , Restaurant

Montezuma’s is a Mexican themed restaurant serving up dishes from right across the Spanish speaking world. The Montezuma’s menu features all your favourites including nachos, tacos, enchiladas, and also burritos. They pride themselves on using only the freshest local ingredients which results in delicious food while being excellent value for money.

Montezumas menu prices

Listed on this page is the Montezumas menu for locations throughout Australia. Below are the latest prices for 2021.

Menu Item Price (AUD)


Dips – Queso Fundido $10.90
Dips – 3 Combo $11.90
Dips – 4 Combo $16
Dips – Ranchero $8
Dips – Frijole $8
Dips – Guacamole $12.50
Taquitos $8.90
Chilli Con Carne $12.90
Nachos – Beef $16.90
Nachos – Chicken $16.90
Nachos – Vegetarian $13.50
Nachos – San Antonio $15.50
Nachos – Con Reacaudo $21.90
Tostado – Frijoles $11
Tostado – Picadillo $11.50
Tostado – Beef $12.50
Tostado – Chicken $12.50
Tacos – Frijoles $5
Tacos – Picadillo $5.50
Tacos – Shredded Beef $5.50
Tacos – Chorizo $5.50
Tacos – Chicken $5.50


Montezuma’s Delight – Vegetarian $17.90
Montezuma’s Delight – Shredded Beef $19.90
Montezuma’s Delight – Chicken $19.90
Albondigas $16.90
Enchiladas – Chorizo $19.90
Enchiladas – Chicken $19.90
Enchiladas – Shredded Beef $19.90
Chilli Verde $18.90
Chicken Mexican $22.90
Burrito – Shredded Beef $21.50
Burrito – Steak $21.50
Burrito – Frijoles $19.90
Burrito – Chicken $22.50
Burrito – Garlic Prawns $21.50
Tamale Pie $19.90
Mole Poblano $24.50
Sanan Andres $25.50


Taco Platter $19.90
Yucutan $19.90
Muchachos $18.90
Santa Fe $19.90


Mexican Date Cake $8
Churros $8
Platano de Pina $8
Mexican Flan $6
Chocoalate Mousse $8
Helado $6
Helado con Kahlua $9
Helado con Kahlua Coffee $9
Coffee $4

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All about the Montezuma’s restaurant and menu

Montezuma’s boasts a rich heritage with an industry experience of over 4 decades. Founded in 1978, their first store was opened in Burleigh Heads, in the City of Gold Coast, Queensland. Montezuma’s is reputed as a festive dining place with the best value for money. They have pride in being the only franchise restaurant in Australia that features genuine Mexican cuisine and culture. While Montezuma’s is a family-friendly restaurant chain, the majority of its clientele represents youth. Their ambition is to satisfy every guest with a pleasant and memorable dining experience. From its humble beginnings in 1978, Montezuma’s has now grown into a booming network of 16 restaurants across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. All their restaurants are strategically located with easy access to customers. They also have an efficient delivery service, as well as affordable menu prices. What’s special about Montezuma’s is the consistency in the quality and service across all their outlets. The success that Montezuma’s enjoys today is mostly attributed to their unique dishes, secret recipes, unparalleled service, and the word-of-mouth of contented customers.

The Montezumas menu serves authentic Mexican cuisines. All their dishes are prepared from fresh produce sourced from local farmers, which are then oven-baked or roasted in Sorona style giving you a mild spice level. Guests can also request a turn up in the spices if they wish. For entrees, diners have a selection of dips, nachos, tostadas, and tacos. For mains, choose from among their variety of beef, chicken, or pulled pork options. Do not forget to check out Montezuma’s Delight which comes as a mix of cheese, and frijoles, served with vegetable salad, alongside ranchero sauce, sour cream, and black olives topping. When it comes to desserts, you can try a delicious Mexican date cake, churros, or some other mouth-watering delights. Montezuma’s has an inclusive menu with special treats for kids, combination plates for larger groups, and a gamut of vegan, and gluten-free options. They have gone the extra mile in catering for those with food allergies. Montezuma’s boasts Australia’s largest selection of Mexican beers. You can also go for a freshly made Sangria or a Montezuma’s Margarita. Their restaurants exhibit a festive Aztec ambiance bringing Mexican culture to light. The colourful theme mixed with a casual and unwinding atmosphere at Montezuma’s is sure to give you an unforgettable dining experience.

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