Miss India menu prices

Miss India menu prices

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Name: Miss India menu prices

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Cuisine: Indian , Restaurant

Miss India is a chain of Indian restaurants that are located throughout Queensland. The Miss India menu includes an excellent selection of all your favourite dishes, including Butter Chicken, and Lamb Korma, just to name a few.

Miss India menu prices for 2021

Prices range from $10.95 for the small dishes, $14.95 for the large dishes, and $21.95 for the full sized family dishes. Note: all prices listed below are for the Large size.

Chicken menu prices:

  • Butter Chicken = $14.95
  • Chicken Tikka Masala = $14.95
  • Mango Chicken = $14.95
  • Chicken Madras = $14.95
  • Chicken Korma = $14.95
  • Chicken, Eggplant & Potato Curry = $14.95
  • Chicken Vindaloo = $14.95

Lamb menu prices:

  • Kashmiri Lamb = $16.95
  • Lamb Rogan Josh = $16.95
  • Lamb Korma = $16.95
  • Lamb Madras = $16.95
  • Lamb & Potato = $16.95
  • Lamb Vindaloo = $16.95

Vegetarian menu prices:

  • Dahl / Lentils = $12.95
  • Eggplant & Potato Curry = $12.95
  • Chickpea & Potato Curry = $12.95
  • Vegetable Korma = $12.95

About Miss India

Miss India Restaurants started in 2004. Miss India is a fictional character Mohini Singh – she is known as the “mistress of the mansion” reflecting the restaurant itself. The place serves traditional and quality Indian dishes. The goal of Miss India is to bring Italian taste to Australia using premium Indian ingredients for a great customer experience. Miss India has made its own spice blends with rich aromas, flavors, and consistency. All the ingredients are purchased from local suppliers to guarantee freshness. Classic Indian dishes like naan, entrees, curries, smoothies, and yogurt lassi are all handmade in their in-house kitchen. The restaurant does not use frozen ingredients, they have no freezer at all in the restaurant. They do not use preservatives and flavor enhancement. The chef only uses premier quality oil.

The items on the menu of Miss India are vegetarian curry, lamb curries, chicken curries, naan bread, and other Indian side dishes and desserts. Their food is mostly Indian cuisine from the appetizers, charcoal tandoori, soup, curries, and biryanis. A popular food offered called Bhangarita is made of tamarind chutney and coriander flavor margarita. They have Tandoori chicken tikka pieces with dripping mint sauce. Miss India is proud of its gluten-free vegetarian dishes and their basmati rice which has a lower GI than white and brown rice. Best-seller vegetarian dishes are the Lentil dhal, a delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal and the Vegetable Korma is creamy cashew-based curry with mixed vegetables. Other popular foods to order in Miss India are the Tikki Potato, Pakora, Pappadums, and Samosa. They also serve a dessert called Gulab Jamuns to satisfy your sweet tooth. Miss India is also famous for its cocktail drinks. Bollywood Spritz, Maiden Shanghai, and Q’bara are all lethal. Miss India is the best place to get tasty fresh naans and vibrant curries for dining in or takeaway.

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