McDonald's McSpicy Burger Price

Question: What is the price of a McSpicy Burger at McDonald's?

Answer: The cost of a McDonald's McSpicy Burger is currently $9.75.

You can also purchase this menu item as a Meal Deal, which is available in a few different sizes. The price for each of these sizes is listed below:

  • Small Meal Deal: $13.55

  • Medium Meal Deal: $14.95

  • Large Meal Deal: $15.15

I was curious to try the newest addition to McDonald's menu, and here's how they're marketing it. Can you handle the heat? The fiery McSpicy? is so hot that it will bring tears to your eyes. You can never go wrong with a classic McDonald's McSpicy Burger. Its the perfect taste treat. Head to your local restaurant and give it a try today. You won't regret it.

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