McDonald’s Loose Change Menu

McDonald’s Loose Change Menu

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Name: McDonald’s Loose Change Menu


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Cuisine: American , Burgers , Fast Food , McDonald's

This page contains the latest prices and information about the McDonald’s Loose Change Menu. This is a selection of items from the full menu, that are offered at a discounted price. Prices start from a very low $1 AUD. No voucher or coupon is required. As the TV commercial says: “a little goes a long way!”.

Click here to view the FULL McDonalds menu prices.

Maccas Loose Change Menu:

Prices listed on this page for these Maccas menu items are current as at: August 2022.

  • $1 – Frozen Coke
  • $1 – Frozen Fanta
  • $1 – Cone with FLAKE
  • $2 – Hamburger
  • $2 – Small Fries
  • $3 – Small Sundae
  • $3 – Chicken McBites (x10)
  • $4 – Chicken ‘n’ Cheese burger
  • $4 – McFlurry
  • $4.95 – Happy Meal
  • $4.95 – Double Beef ‘n’ Bacon Lunch Deal
  • $11.95 – Chicken McNuggets (x24)

Valid Times:

The McDonald’s Loose Change Menu is available from 10.30am until Midnight – 7 days per week.

Photos of items on the McDonalds Loose Change Menu

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