Max Brenner menu prices

Max Brenner menu prices

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Name: Max Brenner menu prices


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Cuisine: Chocolate , Coffee , Desserts

Max Brenner menu prices

Listed on this page is the Max Brenner menu for locations throughout Australia.

  • Classic Hot Chocolate = $7
  • Italian Thick Hot Chocolate = $7
  • American Marshmallow Hot Chocolate = $7
  • Crunchy Waffle Balls Hot Chocolate = $7
  • Hot Chocoalates: Mocha, Mexican Spicy, Coconut, Mint, Salted Caramel, Toffee = $7

About Max Brenner chocolate stores

Max Brenner has revolutionized the global chocolate industry with a new chocolate culture. Originated in 2000, Max Brenner is a great addition to the Australian chocolate market. It was founded by Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner in Israel where they were selling handmade chocolates in a small shop. It was a few years later that they met Tamir Haik and introduced a chocolate bar concept in Australia. Presently, they have 22 chocolate bars operated nationally. They have also established chocolate bars in countries including the USA, Russia, Israel, and Japan, with an intention of expanding their global footprint. With their nationwide shipping facilities, people can easily order their favorite chocolates and get them delivered to their doorstep. Max Brenner is more than just chocolates and sweets. They have created a sentimental value by stirring up emotions of romance, lust, youth, and pleasure in crafting chocolates that are closer to people’s hearts. With specialized expertise in manufacturing chocolates, Max Brenner has succeeded in crafting world-class desserts that are treasured by people over the world.

Max Brenner chocolate bar is certainly out of this world. Resembling the concept of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, they have elevated the guests’ experience to a whole new level. Those who visit the bar will find themselves enclasped in a chocolate haven with giant vats of churning melted chocolate, wonderful handmade chocolate sculptures, a dessert bar, and a chocolate shop. The full Max Brenner menu offers an incredible selection of chocolate-based dishes, including pure chocolate, chocolate waffles, crepes, chocolate marbles, pralines, fondue, cheesecakes, sundaes, brownies, and cookies. They also have an array of chocolate pizzas and baked delights. Some of their creations like Chocolate Fondue for Two, Tutti Frutti Waffles, and Decadent Pizzas have even earned a global reputation. Guests can quench their thirst with delicious hot chocolate drinks, or icy choctails, milkshakes, coffee, or tea. Max Brenner offers a distinctive chocolate hot experience to its guests with their Do It Yourself drink Sucakao. The heavenly taste of Max Brenner chocolates combined with their mind-sweeping aroma and pleasing designs is sure to arouse your senses. For all chocolate lovers out there, Max Brenner is the perfect destination to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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