Mad Mex menu prices

Mad Mex menu prices

The Australian Mad Mex menu items are a combination of Mexico’s authentic flavors and spices with the health-conscious cuisine of California. They have corn chips that taste good because of the zingy salsa. Kids love the delicious Churros with chocolate dip. Another standout item on the menu is their naked burrito bowl. The dish is beautifully presented with carefully-selected ingredients and the meat of your choice. Try and enjoy their chicken nachos with salsa, sour cream, jalapeno, chicken, and cheese. Their servings are so huge; it will be more than enough for one person.

If you only want a light meal, try their fantastic empanada and samosa. Their dipping sauce is extraordinary. The roasted vegetable tacos are highly recommended for vegetarians. It has cauliflower and Brussels sprouts in them that are rarely found in other tacos. When you are into churros, try their hazelnut filling with whipped cream and drizzled perfectly delicious honey. Be careful, though, because it’s usually hot, it can burn your tongue. Mad Mex is highly recommended for anyone looking for fantastic food, great vibes, and an extraordinary customer experience.

Mad Mex menu with prices

Step 1: choose your style

Burrito - small $9.90
Burrito - regular $11.90
Naked Burrito - small $9.90
Naked Burrito - regular $11.90
Tacos x1 $5
Tacos x3 $11.50
Quesadilla $11.90
Grande Melt $12.50
Nachos - small $10.50
Nachos - regular $12.50
Vegan Cheese $1

Step 2: choose a filling

Chicken Included
Veggie Rancheros Included
Chorizo sauteed Included
Pork +$1
Beef +$1
Spicy Vegan Chicken +$1
Extra Meat +$1
Guacamole +$2

Step 3: salsa

Mild Included
Medium Included
Spicy Included


Jarritos $5
Kombucha $4.90
Ice Tea $4.50
Soft Drink - bottom $4.50
Soft Drink - can $3
Red Bull $4.50
Corona $8
Pacifico $8.50
Dos Equis $8.50
Bulmers cider $8
Blossom Rose cider $8


Cheese Quesadilla $5
Corn Chips - small $2
Sauce - Queso $2
Sauce - Guacamole $2
Sauce - Salsa $2


Churros $5.90