Machi Machi menu prices

Machi Machi menu prices

Machi Machi has become one of the most loved milk tea stores in Australia since arriving from Taiwan in 2019. Part of their popularity is due to the high quality ingredients that they use in all of their drinks. They have stores in just about every major capital city in Australia including: Sydney (their flagship store!), Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and Canberra.

I recently visited their main store on George Street in the heart of Sydney and sampled their Black Milk Tea with Pearls which was excellent to say the least. Have you tried Machi Machi yet? How do the Machi Machi menu prices below compare with those of your local store? We’d love to hear your thoughts, drop us a note in comments section below.

Machi Machi menu with prices

Machi Milk Tea

Black Milk TeaM/L $6.5/$7.5
Black Milk Tea with PearlsM/L $7/$8
Black Milk Tea with Mini Taro BallsM/L $8/$9.5
Black Milk Tea with Creme BruleeM/L $8/$9.5
Milk Tea Cream Cheese Foam$7.5
Brown Sugar Latte with Pearls$7.0
Flurry Strawberry Milk with Creme Brulee$9.0
Chocolate Latte with Panna Cotta$9.8
Black Milk Tea with Panna Cotta$9.8
Fresh Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta$10.8

Machi Freshly Pressed Tea

Sun Moon Lake Black TeaM/L $5.9/$6.9
Pekoe Jasmine Green TeaM/L $5.9/$6.9
Tie Kwan Yin Oolong TeaM/L$5.9/$6.9

Machi Cream Cheese Foam

Black Tea Cream Cheese Foam$6.9
Jasmine Green Tea Cream Cheese Foam$6.9
Oolong Tea Cream Cheese Foam$6.9

Machi Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit Jasmine Green Tea$8.0
Fresh Orange Jasmine Green Tea$8.0
Grapefruit Green Tea Slush$7.5
Grapefruit Green Tea Slush with Cream Cheese Foam$8.5
Strawberry Slush with Cream Cheese Foam$8.5
Mixed Berry Slush with Cream Cheese Foam$8.5
Jasmine Green Tea with Plum Jello$9.5
Grapefruit Green Tea Slush with Fruit Jelly$9.5

Machi Matcha

Red Bean Matcha Smoothie$8.0
Red Bean Brulee Matcha Smoothie$9.0
Shizuoka Matcha Latte with Panna Cotta$10.8

Machi New Arrival

Oat Milk Tea$6.5
Caramel Creme Cheese Foam Milk Tea$7.5
Chocolate Creme Brulee Milk Tea$8.5
Taro Milk$8.5
Taro Milk with Brulee Pudding$9.0
Taro Milk with Panna Cotta$10.8
Caramel Coffee Milk Tea$8.5
Chocolate Mocha Milk Tea$8.5


Pearls+ $1.0
Kanten Jelly+ $1.5
Mini Taro Balls+ $2.0