Lord Of The Fries menu prices

Lord Of The Fries menu prices

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Name: Lord Of The Fries menu prices

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Cuisine: Burgers , Chips , Food , Take Away

Lord of the Fries is a take-away food joint that started off life selling gourmet chips and fries – all of which are 100% Aussie grown. Since then, the Lord Of The Fries menu has expanded to include a range of vegan burgers and hot dogs, which can be purchased singularly or as part of a Meal Deal combo.

Lord Of The Fries menu prices

Listed on this page is the Lord Of The Fries menu for locations throughout Australia. Prices are updated and current as of 2021.

Listed below are the current burger prices for you to enjoy:

Burger menu

  • Original = $8.95
  • Spicy = $8.95
  • Poutine = $8.95
  • New Guru = $8.95
  • Chick’N = $8.95
  • Parma = $8.95

Hot Dog menu

  • Melbourne = $8.95
  • Chicago = $8.95
  • Tijuana = $8.95

Meal Deal prices

Sauces and Sides prices

Munch Box prices

More info about Lord Of The Fries

I know the name of the restaurant is an obvious pun. It sounded very similar to William Golding’s Nobel Prize-Winning Book, the Lord of the Flies. But this may be the case—they truly live up to its name. Lord of the Fries is an Australian fast-food chain that offers the best tasting French fries in the country! The restaurant was the brainchild of Mark and Amanda Koroncyzk. And it came into existence due to the couples’ deep passion for fries. Its simple beginnings started in the Victorian area as a mobile food truck in 2004. Because of its immense popularity, they began establishing their brick-and-mortar outlets to accommodate more Australians craving for their delicious fries. And fast forward to the present, they are currently operating 27 fast-food chains across Australia, which includes Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and selected regions in New Zealand. If you happen to visit these places, I highly recommend that you try their delicious fries along the way.

As the name suggests, the restaurants’ main specialty is making French fries. However, this is not exclusive to one food item only. You can find a large variety of selections on the Lord Of The Fries menu, like a typical fast-food chain. But what makes this food outlet unique from other brands is their focus on serving quality and mouthwatering fries. Other than the fries, they also have hotdogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, and carbonated beverages. They also offer dishes that complement certain lifestyles like vegan, vegetarian, and Paleolithic. It is also said that they have Kosher and Halal foods that conform to Islam and Jewish traditions. And unlike other fast-food chains that claim to have vegetarian items on their menu that turned out to be not entirely as advertised, you can rest assured that the healthy options of Lord Of the Fires are 100% vegetarian! Lastly, the price range of their food items is very budget-friendly that starts from $2 to $15!

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