Lone Star menu prices

Lone Star menu prices

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Name: Lone Star menu prices

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Cuisine: American , Steak

Listed on this page is the Lone Star menu for locations throughout Australia.

Lone Star menu and prices

Jamie B. Coulter opened the first Lone Star restaurant in 1989 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. However, the restaurant was called Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon back then. Its name and logo were changed when it was rebranded on September 7, 2017. In 1991, the restaurant started to franchise the brand that established four more Lone Star outlets in the United States. They progressively become more and more successful, which leads them to extend their operation around the globe. One of its first restaurants outside of its founding country is in Parramatta, Australia, which opened in January 1993. Lone Star has become especially popular in Australia. And as a result, a total of 24 franchises were put up to accommodate more people craving its juicy and delicious rib steaks in the country. It includes nine outlets in New South Wales, eight in Queensland, two in South Australia, and five in Western Australia.

Lone Star Rib House and Brew offer an amazing casual dining experience for all walks of life. You will be greeted with a Tex-Mex vibe atmosphere—every corner will remind you of the American South. The Lone Star menu offers a huge selection of tasty food items, including big burgers like the classic cheeseburgers, mad chicken, buffalo bill, smoky kale and quinoa, Hawaii, and the old Dave tribute. Or, you can take try their BBQ rib specials if you have a larger appetite. Some of it includes the baby back pork ribs, sheriff’s rib tower, beef ribs, meaty pork riblets, and its signature, the smoked pork ribs. You can also go for their bestselling Lone Star Superstar Combos like the steak and ribs or chicken and ribs. But what makes them unique to the rest of the competition is that they offer free peanuts to their guests. Lastly, Lone Star Rib House’s notable characteristic is their accommodating staff that is ever ready to take any queries that you may have about the menu.

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