Laksa King menu prices

Laksa King menu prices

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Name: Laksa King menu prices

Address: 6-12 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington, 3031 Victoria

Phone: (03) 9372 6383


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Cuisine: Asian , Malaysian

Laksa King is a Malaysian restaurant located in Flemington, Victoria. The Laksa King menu features all of your favourite dishes from Malaysia, but is best known for their laksa dishes. Many people would in fact say that this is the best laksa in Melbourne.

Laksa King menu prices

Listed on this page is the Laksa King menu with current prices for 2021.

  • Combination curry laksa – $11.80
  • Chicken curry laksa – $11.80
  • Beef curry laksa – $11.80
  • Vegetarian curry laksa – $11.80
  • Fish Fillet curry laksa – $14.50
  • Fish Head curry laksa – $15
  • King Prawns curry laksa – $16
  • Seafood curry laksa – $16
  • Roasted Duck curry laksa – $16

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About Laksa King

Laksa King is the home of the best spicy noodle soup in Melbourne. Esmond Wong, the founder of the restaurant, is Vietnam born but with Chinese parents. He arrived in Australia when he was 15 years old as a refugee. He worked as a helper in a Malaysian restaurant at Dragon Boat in Chinatown for a few months, where he developed his love for cooking. He worked hard and learned his way around the kitchen until he decided to start his own resto. In 1998, he opened the first outlet of Laksa King in a small space in Flemington, with one staff to help him in the kitchen and a few waiters to serve the people queuing out the door. They started from scratch. Wong makes his own recipe for the paste made from organic ingredients. For the chicken broth, they cook it for hours to get the meat’s desired taste with a bit of sweetness. Then they mix the broth with the paste and the coconut milk to balance the taste. There were many adjustments before he achieved the perfect taste that suits both the Western and Asian markets.

The specialty dish of Laksa King is the Laksa Lemak, a traditional dish of the Peranakan people. Laksa Lemak is the most popular spicy noodle soup made of chili-flavored broth that is enough to burn your throat with its spiciness. The restaurant also has Vego laksa for its vegetarian customers. The fresh vegetables compliment the taste of the noodles. Laksa King serves the most authentic Laksa in the country with its creamy and rich coconut taste. Your family and colleagues will surely love their Lobak, which is super crispy on the outside and tastes so amazing. The place is customer-friendly and very accommodating. They have big servings at an affordable price, and they adjust to your taste. You can ask them to put just a little pepper if you don’t want spicy. Laksa King has been operating for 20 years, yet its quality is still the same. Still, the best place to go and have a sumptuous meal.

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