Kisumé menu prices

Kisumé menu prices

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Name: Kisumé menu prices

Address: 175 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9671 4888


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Cuisine: Food , Japanese

Listed on this page is the Kisume menu for locations throughout Australia.

About the Kisume menu prices

Japanese cuisine has been a staple in many bustling cities across the globe—from New York to Australia. And if you’re looking for a genuine oriental experience in the heart of Melbourne, then Kisume is the best place to go. It is one of the city’s popular sushi restaurants located along the busy streets of Flinders Lane. Kisume opened its doors to guests in May 2017, and it is currently managed by the Lucas Group—a company that also owns other fine dining and theme restaurants that includes Chin-Chin, Hawker Hall, Baby, Gogo Bar, and Kong. Kisume has reinvented some of its favorite Japanese cuisines. And because of its innovative culinary ideas, it has won majors awards and topped the list of John Lethlean’s “Hottest Restaurant” in the same year of its foundation. Being named as the top listed restaurant definitely says a lot about the quality of food and culture of the establishment.

The restaurant was formerly overseen by Kyungsoo Moon. He is a world-renowned chef who is now working in Dubai. This may be the case, Kisume has not changed its format, and the setting is still pretty much the same since he left the restaurant. What’s unique about them is that they offer three levels of experience—the table’s chef, a 12-seat, and the $195 omakase experience, which drops to $165 at lunch. The ground floor of the restaurant offers some of their more affordable omakase. You can find a larger menu in their basement dining room, including their main courses, noodles, izakaya-style dishes, sashimi, and sushi. Lastly, their upper room area (which they call Chablis Bar) is where the wine and cocktail bar is located. They offer a wide selection of beverages, including the city’s finest libations, and home to Australia’s best Chablis. If you’re interested in dining at Kisume, you can book a seat reservation online or visit them at 175 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000.

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