KFC Zinger Crunch Twister Price

Question: What is the price of a Zinger Crunch Twister at KFC?

Answer: The cost of a KFC Zinger Crunch Twister is currently $9.45.

You can also purchase this menu item as a Combo meal deal (includes a serve of Chips and a Drink). The price for a KFC Zinger Crunch Twister Combo is:

  • Combo: $12.95

Hear how the team at KFC described this menu item on their website. The Zinger? Crunch Twister? is packed with corn chips, slaw for crunch and jalape?o mayo for zing. While Chicken lasts. Are you craving a delicious Zinger Crunch Twister? Look no further than KFC. I highly suggest stopping by your local restaurant today, checking the menu prices and giving it a taste test.

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