KFC Zinger Crunch Burger Box Price

Question: What is the price of a Zinger Crunch Burger Box at KFC?

Answer: The cost of a KFC Zinger Crunch Burger Box is currently $15.95.

KFC latest menu addition has got me intrigued, and I wanted to see how they're marketing it. When you bite down on the Zinger Crunch Burger?, here?s what you?ll be sinking your teeth into, in descending order: Bun, jalapeno mayo, corn chips (crunch), cheese, Zinger Fillet (more crunch), slaw, jalapeno mayo, bun. And that?s just the Burger ? you?ve also got regular Chips, a Drink, our famous Potato & Gravy and 2 Hot & Crispy? Boneless pieces to enjoy. You?re welcome. Cant decide what to eat? KFC Zinger Crunch Burger Box is always a safe bet at this price. Dont miss out on the scrumptious flavors - visit your local restaurant today.

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