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KFC Secret Menu

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Name: KFC Secret Menu

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Cuisine: Chicken , Fast Food , Secret Menu , Take Away

The KFC Secret Menu has got foodies all over Australia buzzing. It’s currently the hottest item online for Aussies who love a fix of their favourite chicken from the good people at Kentucky Fried Chicken. A question that we often get asked here at Menu Spot is how to get the KFC Secret Menu. Read on, because this post is going to outline it for you in detail.

The first step to unlocking this juicy hidden menu is to download the KFC App. They have an app for both Apple iOS and Android. Head over to the respective app store and download you app and install it. Don’t worry, each these apps are completely free to download and install.

KFC App Secret Menu

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your phone, follow these exact steps:

  1. Click on the ORDER NOW button.
  2. Search and select a KFC store.
  3. Select the ORDER button to initiate an order.
  4. When you see the Menu, drag the screen down.
  5. You’ll then see a cartoon image of Colonel Sanders –  select and hold this image for 11 seconds.
  6. Release holding the image, and VOILA ! … the KFC Secret Menu will reveal itself in all it’s glory !

The Secret Menu will then appear at the top of the screen like this:

Click on the Secret Menu option to see what delicious chicken creations are currently available.

Secret Menu landing page

Once the KFC Secret Menu opens up, you’re presented with the currently offerings.

The items on this menu changes from month to month, so it’s always a good idea to log in regularly to see what are the latest goodies on offer.

Here’s what they say:

“Discover unreleased treats that have never seen the light of day – until now. The menu is updated regularly so keep checking back!”

When we check on May 2022 from our local store in Sydney NSW, here are the options that were available to us:

  • Pizza Double Burger – $8.95
  • Zinger Chipster – $6.95
  • Triple Stacker Burger – $12.45

Lets go and check out each one of these delicious creations, one by one …

#1 – Pizza Double Burger

  • x2 spicy zingers – filled with pizza sauce!
  • peppered with Pepperoni slices
  • Cheese
  • layered between 2 buns
  • 2824 kJ
  • Price: $8.95

#2 – Zinger Chipster

  • Twister Tortilla
  • Lettuce and Cheese
  • Zinger fillet (cut in half)
  • Chips
  • Supercharged sauce
  • 8,700 kJ
  • Price: $6.95

#3 – Triple Stacker Burger

  • Description: we be triplin’ out here. Get read for not 1, not 2, but 3 (!) …
  • x3 juicy Zinger fillets
  • smokey bacon + chese
  • Fiery chilli relish
  • Supercharged sauce
  • … if you dare. Not for the faint-hearted.
  • 4526 kJ
  • Price: $12.45

Our Verdict

We sampled all x3 of these (over the space of 1 week!) items from the current KFC Secret Menu at our local store here in Kings Cross, Sydney.

They were all tasty, but the one that we would definitely get again on a regular basis is the Zinger Chipster.

Don’t get me wrong, the others were good too … but they are huge – the Triple Stacker burger is a whopping 4526 kJ!

The Zinger Chipster on the other hand is more of an everyday item that you could easily have for lunch or a light snack. Highly recommended.

Have you tried any different secret menu items in your own local area. Drop us an email and let us know what unique creations your area has on offer!

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