KFC menu prices

KFC menu prices

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Name: KFC menu prices

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Cuisine: Chicken , Fast Food , Take Away

The KFC menu is widely known as having the best and most tasty fried chicken in Australia. They are perhaps best known for their original recipe chicken which is always succulent and juicy, and flavoured with Colonel Sanders famous secret 7 herbs and spices. If you’re after a more traditional burger style bite to eat, their Double Chicken Burger ($4.95) is one of the most popular items on the menu.

Australian KFC Menu items

Here is the latest KFC menu for July 2022 with updated price information:

Chicken prices

Original Recipe Chicken – 1 piece $3.30
Original Recipe Chicken – 6 pcs. $14.95
Original Recipe Chicken – 21 pcs. $34.95
Wicked Wings – 3 pcs. $3.95
Wicked Wings – 3 pcs. – Combo $6.95
Wicked Wings – 6 pcs. $6.95
Wicked Wings – 6 pcs. – Combo $9.95
Wicked Wings – 10 pcs. $10.95
Wicked Wings – 10 pcs. – Combo $13.95
Original Tenders – 3 pcs. $6.95
Original Tenders – 3 pcs. – Combo $9.95
Original Tenders – 5 pcs. $9.95
Original Tenders – 5 pcs. – Combo $12.95

Burger prices

Original Recipe Burger $5.95
Original Bacon & Cheese Burger $6.95
Double Tender Burger $4.95
Zinger Burger $5.95
Zinger Stacked Burger $8.95
Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger $6.95
BBQ Bacon Stacked Burger $9.95

Burger Combo prices

Original Recipe Burger Combo $8.95
Original Bacon & Cheese Burger Combo $9.95
Double Tender Burger Combo $7.95
Zinger Burger Combo $8.95
Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger Combo $9.95
Zinger Stacked Burger Combo $11.95
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger Combo $12.95
Note: all Burger Combos come with:

  • Chips (regular)
  • Drink (regular)

Popcorn Chicken prices

Popcorn Chicken – regular $5.95
Popcorn Chicken – maxi $7.95
Popcorn Chicken Combo – regular $9.85
Popcorn Chicken Combo – maxi $12.05

Nuggets prices

Nuggets – 6 pcs. $6.55
Nuggets – 24 pcs. (SPECIAL PRICE) $10
Nuggets – 10 pcs. $9.85
Nuggets Combo – 6 pcs. $9.85
Nuggets Combo – 10 pcs. $13.15

Twisters prices

Original Recipe Twister $6.95
Original Recipe Twister Combo $9.95
Original Supercharged Twister $6.95
Original Supercharged Twister Combo $9.95
Note: all Twister Combos come with:

  • Chips (regular)
  • Drink (regular)

Snacks prices

Popcorn Chicken (Go Bucket) $3.95
Nuggets (Go Bucket) $3.95
Original Tenders Flatbread Sliders

  • Supercharged sauce
  • Pepper Mayo sauce
  • BBQ sauce
Chips – regular $2.95
Chips – large $4.95

Boxed Meal prices

3 Piece Box

  • x3 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken
  • x1 Dinner Roll
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Original Double Box

  • Original Double (But no buns hun)
  • x1 Piece Original Recipe Chicken
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Ultimate Box

  • Burger
  • x1 Piece Original Recipe Chicken
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Original Bacon & Cheese Burger Box

  • Original Fillet Bacon and Cheese Burger
  • x1 Piece Original Recipe Chicken
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Original Tenders Box

  • x3 Original Tenders
  • Popcorn Chicken
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Zinger Box

  • x1 Zinger Burger
  • x3 Wicked Wings
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger Box

  • x1 Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger
  • x3 Wicked Wings
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Zinger Stacker Burger Box

  • x1 Zinger Stacked Burger
  • x3 Wicked Wings
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Ultimate Box

  • x1 Original Recipe Burger
  • x3 Piece Original Recipe Chicken
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger Box

  • x1 BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger
  • x1 Original Recipe Burger
  • Chips (regular)
  • Potato and Gravy (regular)
  • Drink (regular)
Go Large

  • Large Chips
  • Large Drink (600ml Pepsi Max)
+ $2.50

Shared Meal prices

Mixed Feast

  • x4 Piece Original Recipe Chicken
  • x6 Original Tenders
  • x6 Nuggets
  • x2 Chips (large)
  • x3 Dipping Sauces
  • Potato and Gravy
  • Drink (Pepsi Max)
Add On – Maxi Popcorn Chicken + $6.95

Drinks prices

Drink – 375ml

  • Pepsi
  • Pepsi Max
  • 7Up
  • Mountain Dew
  • Solo lemon
  • Sunkist orange
  • Lipton iced tea
  • Water
Drink – 600ml $4.15

  • Rasberry
  • Pepsi
  • Mountain Dew

Photos of the KFC In-Store menu boards

Is KFC Halal?

Almost all KFC stores in Australia are NOT halal.

There are a few exceptions though. The following KFC stores ARE halal:

  • Punchbowl (NSW)
  • Bankstown South (NSW)
  • Fawkner (VIC)

KFC have advised us that these x3 locations do not serve bacon on their menu, and can therefore be considered halal.

Kentucky Fried Chicken menu details

The name Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC, is pretty much synonymous with fried chicken these days and for good reason. The American fast-food chain’s iconic founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, started out selling fried chicken to motorists at his own gas station in 1934. His fried chicken proved incredibly popular with customers, and his restaurant business grew so much that he was recognized for his business achievements by being awarded with the title of “Kentucky Colonel” in 1936 by the governor of Kentucky. Today, the KFC menu still offers the same incredible fried chicken created by Colonel Sanders, marinated with a secret combination of eleven herbs and spices before being pressure-cooked in oil to crispy perfection. Enjoy a meal with that same great taste at any one of the 24,000 store locations around the world. KFC directly operates 50 stores in Australia, with the rest owned by franchisees.

The Australian KFC menu offers many different ways for customers to try out their classic fried chicken. Order them in a set meal with other sides and drinks for a quick, satisfying meal, or in a family-sized bucket to share. Their Wicked Wings are also a great choice for a smaller snack, and for boneless options try out their Original Tenders, Popcorn Chicken and Nuggets. Don’t limit yourself to just fried chicken on its own either: KFC also offers fried chicken burgers and sandwiches like their signature Zinger Burger and Original Tender Flatbread Sliders. Some store locations additionally offer Hot and Spicy chicken, a spicier and crispier version of their Original Recipe Fried Chicken. As for sides, apart from their chips the Potato and Gravy and Coleslaw are popular options as well. Keep an eye out for all the new limited-time menu items constantly being released too!

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