KFC Menu Prices Australia (October 2023)

KFC Menu Prices Australia (October 2023)

Kentucky Fried Chicken, more commonly known in Australia as KFC, stands as a testament to finger-lickin’ good flavors and the rich legacy of Colonel Harland Sanders. A beacon for chicken enthusiasts right around Australia, KFC offers an array of delectable choices, from their iconic Original Recipe chicken to the zesty Zinger burgers, all seasoned with that secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. There are weekly specials on offer via the KFC App, so be sure to grab your free download to stay on top of the latest offers.

Walking into a typical KFC store in just about any location throughout Australia, the ambiance that you can expect to find is one of casual comfort, where families and friends gather under the warm, golden glow, surrounded by vintage-themed portraits of the Colonel, recounting tales old and new. Whether it’s a nostalgic craving or your maiden voyage into this world of crispy deep fried goodness, make sure you check out our latest menu prices listed on the page below for your next feast.

KFC menu with prices

New Menu Items

Menu ItemSingleMeal - SmallMeal - MediumMeal - Large
3 Pieces Hot & Crispy [NEW!] $6.95 - - -
3 Pieces COMBO Hot & Crispy [NEW!] $10.95 - - -
Zinger Burger Box Hot & Crispy [NEW!] $13.95 - - -
Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger Box Hot & Crispy [NEW!] $14.95 - - -
Zinger Stacker Burger Box Hot & Crispy [NEW!] $16.95 - - -


Menu ItemSingleCombo
Zinger Stacker Burger $10.45 $13.95
Double Tender Burger $5.95 $9.95
Original Recipe Burger $7.45 $10.95
Original Bacon & Cheese Burger $8.45 $11.95
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger $11.45 $14.95
Zinger Burger $7.45 $10.95
Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger $8.45 $11.95
Zinger Crunch Burger $9.45 $12.95
Original Tower Burger [NEW!] $9.95 $13.45
Zinger Tower Burger [NEW!] $9.95 $13.45

Twisters & Bowls

Menu ItemSingleCombo
Zinger Crunch Twister $9.45 $12.95
Original Crunch Twister $8.95 $12.45
Zinger Crunch Bowl $8.95 $12.95
Original Tender Crunch Bowl $8.95 $12.95

Shared Meals

Mixed Feast $27.95
Family Feast $36.95
Giant Feast $47.95
Burger Feast $32.95
Christmas In July Feast [NEW!] $49.95