Ippudo menu prices

Ippudo menu prices

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Name: Ippudo menu prices

Website: http://ippudo.com.au/

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Cuisine: Asian , Japanese

Listed on this page is the Ippudo menu for locations throughout Australia.

Ippudo menu prices

Listed below are some of the most popular items that patrons can enjoy at Ippudo:

  • Shiromaru base = $10
  • Shiromaru base Tamago = $12
  • Shiromaru base Chashu = $15
  • Shiromaru Motoaji = $15
  • Shiromaru Tomago= $17
  • Akamaru Shinaji = $16
  • Akamaru Tamago = $16
  • Ippudo Pork Bun = $4
  • Ippudo Shrimp Bun = $5
  • Ippudo Chicken Bun = $5
  • Hakata-style Gyoza (5 pieces) = $6
  • Hakata-style Gyoza (10 pieces) = $11

Click here to download the full Ippudo menu in PDF format

About the Ippudo menu

Established in 1985, Ippudo has been dominating the world of ramen enthusiasts into a whole new level of serving cost-efficient yet savory Japanese cuisines. Ippudo’s founder, Shigemi Kawahara, often dubbed as “Ramen King” has a great influence on how customers view the restaurant as he boosts Ippudo’s brand reputation. Kawahara aims to elevate the savor of ramen that does not only touches customers’ tastes, but more importantly, customers’ hearts. Ippudo also give values to the culture it has created throughout the years in providing excellent menu and outstanding services to its customers. No wonder why this prestige restaurant already won several awards and acknowledgement as it continuously aces the restaurant chart not only in Asian countries but also across the globe. At that, Ippudo was already featured in prominent magazines such as The New York Times for qualifying in the selection of Top 10 Recommended Ramen Shops in the whole world.

The Australian Ippudo menu has something beyond to offer, aside from its renowned ramen. At a glance, you will be mesmerized by the spirit of Japanese culture inside the restaurant; from the fine dining, aesthetically built interior, and up to its appetizing menu servings. Ippudo offers various flavors of its signature ramen dish along with its distinct toppings. Aside from ramen, delicious staple foods are also available including buns, gyoza, and salad which also vary depending on the flavor requested. Its delectable desserts are also what makes the customers patronize Ippudo. For desserts, you have an option to choose its best-selling Blue Mountains and Anmitsu Ice Cream. Meanwhile, if you want to just chill, relax, and elevate your Ippudo experience, the restaurant also offers beverages such as wine (plum, red, and white), beer, and sake that can be superbly partnered with its signature ramen. If you are a fan of ramen and Japanese cuisines, Ippudo is the perfect restaurant match for you.

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