IPPUDO menu prices

IPPUDO menu prices

Check out the latest Australian Ippudo menu with prices below. Ippudo offers various flavours of its signature ramen dish along with its distinct toppings. Aside from authentic Japanese ramen, delicious staple foods are also available including buns, gyoza, and salad which also vary depending on the flavor requested. Its delectable desserts are also what makes the customers patronize Ippudo.

For desserts, you have an option to choose its best-selling Blue Mountains and Anmitsu Ice Cream. Meanwhile, if you want to just chill, relax, and elevate your Ippudo experience, the restaurant also offers beverages such as wine (plum, red, and white), beer, and sake that can be superbly partnered with its signature ramen. If you are a fan of ramen and Japanese cuisines, Ippudo is the perfect restaurant match for you. Click here to download the full Ippudo menu in PDF format.

IPPUDO menu with prices

Shiromaru Ramen

Shiromaru Special$28
Shiromaru Chashu$26
Shiromaru Tamago$22
Shiromaru Classic$19

Akamaru Ramen

Akamaru Special$29
Akamaru Chashu$27
Akamaru Tamago$23
Akamaru Modern$20

Karaka Ramen

Karaka Special$29
Karaka Chashu$27
Karaka Tamago$23

Bonito Ramen

Bonito Special$30
Bonito Chashu$28
Bonito Tamago$24
Bonito Tonkotsu$21

Tori Shoyu Ramen

Tori Shoyu Special$28
Tori Shoyu Chashu$26
Tori Shoyu Tamago$22
Tori Shoyu$19

Veggie Ramen

Veggie Special$24
Veggie Tamago$22
Veggie Ramen$19

Ramen Toppings

Pork Belly Chashu$7
Flavoured Egg$3
Bamboo Shoots$3
Black Fungus$3
Roasted Seaweed$3
Spring Onions$3
Bean Sprouts$3
Spicy Takana Pickles$3
Fried Mushrooms$3